Peak foliage and generally great weather for the holiday weekend

Labor day weekend I waited until 8PM to get on the highway and come home. I zipped from Maine to Massachusetts with no problems and little company. Why start my blog this way? That weekend is the busiest weekend for the stretch between Portland and the Hampton tolls of the year, and guess which weekend is number 2?

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As we sit on the edge of the Columbus day weekend many of you will be hitting the road for one last trip to the beach, the cabin, or just to see the amazing foliage unfolding from north to south. This is a huge weekend for outdoor activities and the weather will mostly cooperate.
There is a storm system rotating to our south which will remain stuck in place throughout the weekend. As the storm spins, some clouds and a bit of moisture may push into southern New England for a time today and the first part of Saturday.
The best weather is certainly going to be over northern sections of the area with Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont seeing little if any affects from the storm.
As high pressure sits to our north it will combine with the low to our south to bring a flow of air off the ocean. This will keep temperatures cool, but not cold and also bring some dampness to the air.
The sunniest days will be Sunday and Monday although Saturday looks dry, there will just be more in the way of clouds mostly south of Boston.
The image below shows how the radar should look during the late morning on Saturday. Notice the shower activity is mostly south of Cape Cod. What the radar doesn’t show is the chance of some drizzle or mist, especially along the coast south of Boston in the morning.

Radar saturday.jpg

Temperatures will be coolest Saturday with the lack of full sunshine and mildest Monday with the increased solar heating and less of a wind off the water. Highs will be mostly in the 60s, but low 60s to start the weekend and mid-60s to finish.
Forecast Summary
Saturday: A blend of clouds and sunshine lower 60s. Most clouds south of Boston. Limited risk of shower Cape and Islands.
Sunday: Mostly sunny, still some clouds Cape Cod mid 60s
Monday: Sunshine and pleasant 60s
We still haven’t see a widespread frost across most of the area and currently I am quite confident we have at least another week of frost free weather. There are even some indications we could make it through the entire month of October without a major killing freeze. While this would be unusual, it would not be unprecedented. Further, the weather the past couple of decades has been such that the growing season is lengthening. This is great news for those of us who still like to grow vegetables well into fall.
No matter what you end up doing this weekend, try to take some time to support a local farm in your area. If you read the blog regularly, you know I am a huge proponent of buying local. There are so few farms left in New England and they depend on holiday weekends like this one to make ends meet. The weather will certainly cooperate. Enjoy!

Foliage report.png

Gardening This Week
This is a great time of year to remove some of the invasive plants in your garden. In this week’s video, I head to the New England Wild Flower Society to learn about some of the worst plant offenders in the garden.


If you want to discuss weather, climate or gardening or even education please find me on Twitter at @growingwisdom Please follow me there. Feel free to comment or ask questions too.

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