Super weekend weather for all activities

As thousands of people flock to the Charles River today for the annual Head of the Charles Regatta you couldn’t ask for better weather. The only issue the entire weekend is a slim chance of showers during the early morning hours of Sunday.

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Temperatures will be mildest today and a bit cooler Sunday behind a weak front. While we will have a very light breeze this afternoon, winds pick up Sunday and turn quite gusty for the second part of the day. This will make it feel colder, especially late in the day as the sun goes down.
Our sunrises are now close to 7AM and sunsets are now before 6PM making for about 11 hours of daylight. I expect nearly all of it to be filled with sunshine this weekend.
Clouds will increase this morning across the south coast nd these areas south of the Mass Pike could yield a few showers or some light drizzle by dark.
The Red Sox start the game just after 8PM and there will clouds increasing throughout the game and after the 5th inning or so there could be a shower. If you are headed to the game, take a jacket and throw in an umbrella just in case if you don’t like to get wet.
When you get up tomorrow there might be cloudy skies for a couple of hours early, but skies will clear and sunshine becomes the dominate player for the afternoon. Temperatures hit the lower to middle 60s along with a brisk westerly wind.
Although we have a few light showers in the forecast, the dry weather is actually becoming an issue. If we were having this kind of dry spell in July there would be real problems with agriculture and you can be sure water bands would be widespread. Much of eastern Massachusetts is in an abnormally dry condition and there is still no sign of significant rain in sight.


The biggest issue with such conditions going into winter is ground water is low and some plants could be more susceptible to damage this winter. There is still plenty of time to get water into the ground before it freezes; however, time is running out.
October tends to be one of our driest months and many of the longest dry spells on record have been in October. In contrast, November is often a stormy and cloud month.
You’ve been hearing about the big pattern change coming next week and it’s still on the way. Temperatures are going to be cooler and cooler each day after Tuesday and by the end of the week most areas will only reach the 50s during the afternoon with a widespread frost and even freeze probable for all areas, except along the coast.
Foliage is peaking in southern New England this weekend and the best time to take pictures is between 2 PM and 5 PM when the angle of the sun is lower in the sky and the light has more of an orange glow. We might have some issues this weekend with the clouds Saturday afternoon hurting the light a bit and the wind Sunday blowing the leaves off the trees.

foliage this weekend.gif

Gardening This Week
This is a great time of year to remove some of the invasive plants in your garden. In this week’s video, I head to the New England Wild Flower Society to learn about some of the worst plant offenders in the garden.

If you want to discuss weather, climate or gardening or even education please find me on Twitter at @growingwisdom Please follow me there. Feel free to comment or ask questions too.

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