Warm days are numbered, here comes the cold

Today is going to mark the 15th day this month we’ve hit 60°F or higher and tomorrow will make it 16. The other days were in the 70s or even low 80s. That is quite a stretch in what has turned out to be one of the best October weather months possible. While we need rain badly, this month has allowed baseball, soccer, hiking, apple picking, leaf peeping, fair going and the like to happen unimpeded by cold temperatures or rain. As you’ve no doubt heard, it’s about to come to crashing halt.

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You have to go back to the first week of June to find a day that didn’t hit 60F for a high temperature in Boston, an amazing statistic considering we are 10 days away from Halloween. Perhaps just as remarkable is the last time we didn’t hit 50F was the last week of April, in other words, we’ve been coasting by with very mild temperatures for 6 months.
Today and tomorrow will be the last of the mild days for a while, any more days in the 60s will be rare and don’t expect them to come in clusters either. Sunshine is abundant this afternoon, but fades tomorrow as a cold front pushes through the region.
Check out the two maps below, the first shows highs this afternoon, the second highs on Wednesday. Some areas will see a 20 degree change in maximum temperature in this 48 hour period. Some areas across the Worcester hills could stay in the mid 40s all day Wednesday.

monday highs.png

wed 2pm.png

World Series Weather

As the front ushering in the cold air crosses the area late Tuesday night a storm will develop along the coast Wednesday and move up to our east. This is a nor’easter and the exact track of the storm will determine just how close to the coast the rain shield gets.
If the storm came 100 miles closer than forecasted, there is little doubt game 1 of the World Series would be postponed. Even on the current track, some light showers are likely and temperatures are going to be cold. For those folks sitting in Fenway Park who have never been to an April game, they will know what it feels like Wednesday evening.
Nearly all of the home games will be played under chilly conditions. If we played the series on the same dates as back in 1975, the World Series would have started on October 11th and finished Tuesday, all under warm conditions.
The maps below show the position of the storm and the predicted radar Wednesday. There are showers in the Boston area.

wed night.png

radar weds.png

Late Week:Frost/Freeze

The second part of the week is going to be cold. After the stretch of weather we have just enjoyed, the shock will be quite apparent. Temperature are normally in the lower and middle 50s by the end of the month, so the cold air is quite typical, it’s just that we haven’t had any. Most of eastern New England and nearly all of southern New England has not had a frost yet. This will all change Friday and Saturday morning when many spots away from the water will experience temperatures in the upper 20s. If you have not brought your plants into the house yet, you have a couple more days to get it done.

6 to 10.gif

Lack of rain

Assuming we don’t get much rain Wednesday, we still don’t see any significant rain in the forecast. The next chance of showers comes late Saturday night or Sunday, but doesn’t look like much. The deeper into the fall we go without significant precipitation, the more important significant snow is going to be this winter or we are headed for a drought.
Gardening This Week
This is a great time of year to remove some of the invasive plants in your garden. In this week’s video, I head to the New England Wild Flower Society to learn about some of the worst plant offenders in the garden.


If you want to discuss weather, climate or gardening or even education please find me on Twitter at @growingwisdom Please follow me there. Feel free to comment or ask questions too.

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