Quiet weather continues

Fine weather will continue through the weekend and into early next week as a big area of high pressure continues to play the dominant role in our weather.

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This area of clear skies extends back the Midwest and means sunshine and clear skies will also be evident across the St. Louis area through the weekend. If you are headed to Missouri, expect temperatures to be a bit milder than they have been here, topping out in the upper 50s to lower 60s. There will even be a few hours tomorrow when the temperatures can hit 65 during the warmest part of the day.
Back here in New England temperatures continue on the chilly side with most areas outside of the immediate Boston area having experienced a light frost to hard freeze.
This morning, some of the colder spots went well into the 20s. Norwood was one of the coldest spots, as they usually are on clear nights, falling to a cold 25F. At that level, most of the plants that normally die back in the fall are done.
For Boston, the first frost is normally sometime in early November and it appears likely this will be the case again this season.
The weather continues to be exceedingly quiet and dry with rainfall particularly absent. Since the month began we have had only half an inch of rain in Boston and going back further to our wonderfully cool and sunny August we are running around 5 inches of rain below normal.
The image below shows the drought status as of this week. Notice much of eastern Massachusetts continues to be abnormally dry. The very long range models have some beneficial rain possible next weekend, but until then it’s basically dry weather.


We do have a couple of cold fronts that will pass through the region over the next week, but unless you are a meteorologist and interested in such things, they really won’t be worth much beyond a quick sprinkle.
What’s interesting about the rainfall for 2013 is that we are only about 8% below normal. Remember June? Many areas had over a foot of rain or close to 4 months of water. The thing about the atmosphere is that it does tend to balance over the longer period. Averages are made up of extremes and here in New England our weather tends to fluctuate dramatically. These peaks and valleys of precipitation give us our averages, but more often than not, our weather is wet or dry, cold or hot and not so much between.
Thinking about the winter months, it does appear for the next two weeks, these cold shots of air will continue to enter the eastern part of the country, then as we head into the second part of November, I believe the cold will relax somewhat and winter will be slow to settle in across the northeast. This doesn’t mean we can’t have our first snow, but I don’t see, at this time, a pattern of deep cold and snow that begins in the late part of November or early December.
Gardening This Week
This time of year color is everywhere in the garden and although the foliage is past peak, there are still some great plants to have in the garden. Check out some of my favorite fall plants for great color in this video.


If you want to discuss weather, climate or gardening or even education please find me on Twitter at @growingwisdom Please follow me there. Feel free to comment or ask questions too.

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