Milder air for World Series game 6 and Halloween

Did you have to scrap frost this morning? Last night will end up being the coldest night we have for about a week as milder air is about to take over.

October has been a tremendously tranquil month in the weather department following on the heels of a similar type of month. The lack of rain continues to freak me out, however. There are some plants whose leaves are drooping, not from the cold, but from lack of water. If you planted or moved anything this fall, be sure you are still watering it well about once a week.

A year ago Hurricane Sandy impacted the New York City area in a way that would forever change that city’s thinking about storms.


Meteorologically, the storm was fascinating as a hurricane transformed into a nor’easter and brought wind, snow, rain, waves, and warmth to all within a relatively small area.
A major storm hit the United Kingdom and parts of Europe yesterday with ferocious wind, rain and big waves. The satellite image below gives a good idea of the intensity of the storm. If this had been a hurricane, it would have been Category 2 storm.

europe storm.jpg

Another storm is hitting the western part of the United States right now bringing a variety of weather including some heavy snow, ice and wind. The same storm is also bring up warm and moist air from the Gulf Of Mexico and will be responsible for some severe weather in the middle part of the country the next couple of days.

surface map Tuesday.gif

Here in New England, sunshine rules today with a chilly breeze and very dry air. The air is dry enough so when you heat it inside your house, static electricity is going to creep up and dry skin will be a problem.
As that same storm bringing winter weather out west moves eastward it will propel milder air into southern New England tomorrow. As the warm air moves in, some clouds and a brief shower is possible to start Wednesday. However, clearing skies and mild conditions will greet the Red Sox for game 6 tomorrow night. I expect temperatures to just under 50F at the start of the game and only a few degrees colder by the final pitch.
Halloween looks to be mild with a chance of a few showers at the end of the evening. If you are in the Berkshires, there is a better chance the kids may need raincoats to go along with their costumes. Temperatures will stay in the 50s for trick or treaters a welcome change from the cold of today. The radar image below shows the position of the rain early in the afternoon.

Halloween forecast.png

Friday brings the wind and warmth. I can see some areas getting close to 70F with a gusty southerly flow of air. The winds will be strong enough to blow many of the leaves around and take many more off the trees.
As a cold front moves into the area, showers will become more numerous although the bulk of the rain will stay west of the coastline.

low rainfall.png

It appears much of eastern New England could see 1/3rd to half inch of rain, but more is likely further west. At this point in the fall, I will take any rain we can get. If you click on the image above, you can see how much is forecast to fall over the next 5 days. Notice the lack of significant rain in these parts. The key is on the right.
The weekend should bring a return to dry and colder conditions quite typical for November. Saturday night brings an end to daylight saving time as we move the clock back an hour. This means no more late sunrises for a while, but you will be driving home from work in the dark Monday afternoon.
Gardening This Week
This time of year color is everywhere in the garden and although the foliage is past peak, there are still some great plants to have in the garden. Check out some of my favorite fall plants for great color in this video.


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