Game 6 weather, Halloween warmth and weekend sunshine

Out in the Pittsfield area this morning a few sleet pellets and some snow flurries have been reported. This very slight taste of winter is courtesy of a weak weather disturbance moving by to our north. When meteorologists use the word disturbance, not storm, it’s usually a change in wind direction and speed some level above 10,000 feet causing the issue. Today’s “disturbance” is moving by at around 18,000 feet.

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If you were to be in a plane, flying through this area, you would feel some turbulence and the pilot would no doubt be illuminating the seatbelt sign. Since the disturbance is quite weak, we are only seeing clouds and just the chance of a sprinkle or snow flurry.
In case you are living under a rock, Game 6 of the World Series takes place tonight. The good news is the weather will cooperate. This time of the year anything is possible from a wind driven rain to accumulating snow, so to have a temperature around 50F under partly cloudy skies at game time is a treat. Temperatures will fall through the 40s during the game, but without much wind, it won’t be too cold.
A storm brought snow to the far west earlier this week, but is now causing freezing rain and sleet further east into the Dakotas. That weather system will eventually end up bringing some very mild air to New England on a strong southerly wind. This mild area arrives just in time for the night of gathering candy for the kids.
Halloween looks to be mild with a chance of a few showers at the end of the evening. The later the kids go out and the further west you live, the better chance the ghosts and goblins may need raincoats to go along with their costumes. Temperatures will stay in the 50s for trick or treaters a welcome change from the evenings the past few days.
Friday brings the wind and warmth. I can see some areas getting close to 70F with a gusty southerly flow of air. The winds will be strong enough to blow many of the leaves around and take many more remaining ones off the trees. Winds could cause some light damage to a few trees and if a limb or even entire tree gets knocked down in the right (or wrong spot), you could lose power for a time. I am not expecting widespread issues.
As a cold front moves into the area, showers will become more numerous although the bulk of the rain will stay west of the coastline. The latest computer run from last night shows nearly all of the rain staying west of eastern Massachusetts and the rest of the coastline for that matter. These are exactly the driest areas and in desperate need of water. This is just one model and others have a bit more water. I will be anxious to see the new models later today.


The weekend should bring a return to dry and colder conditions quite typical for November. Saturday will be the warmer day of the weekend and with sunshine, a terrific day for yard work or watching a football game.
Sunday will still be a nice day, but you can knock about 8 degrees off the temperatures as a cold front will have allowed chillier air to spill into the region.
Don’t forget Saturday night brings an end to daylight saving time. Before you go to bed, move the clock back an hour. This means no more late sunrises for a while, but you will be driving home from work in the dark Monday afternoon.

Gardening this week
For me fall is a time of year I tend to cook more. My cooking also changes somewhat as the garden is not producing as much and there are different things available in the stores. With the heat of summer gone, I can make more stews and sauces that need to cook longer without the far of heating up the kitchen. This week, my video shows how to make an easy tomato sauce that is sure to impress.


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