Winds diminish this afternoon and a better forecast for rolling rally Saturday

The wild, windy and warm, weather is now mostly over. Aside from the power outages some folks suffered this morning, warm November days like this are a great treat.
Temperatures are in the upper 60s and lowers 70s in many spots and there is a feeling of summer-like humidity to the air.

I’ll be updating the forecast for today and the “rolling rally” on Twitter at @growingwisdom Please follow me there. Feel free to comment or ask questions too.

Strong winds are gusting to near 50 miles per hour at Logan Airport in Boston where common this morning but have now diminished a great deal. Interestingly, the winds gusts that were observed are often occurring just above the ground. This is why you can often see the tops of the trees being buffeted by winds stronger than those you might be feeling at the ground.
If you live in a valley or a protected area, your winds were most likely be quite a bit weaker than those along the coast or on top of a hill.
The radar has become quite quiet with just a few scattered showers the rest of the afternoon. The trend will be for drier air and you could see a few breaks of sunshine before sunset.
As the cold front causing the winds and showers moves eastward it will stall along the coastline. An area of rain will move along the front Saturday morning and could clip southeastern Massachusetts the first part of the day with a few showers. This is not a definitive forecast as the storm could push further east and all the rain will stay offshore.
Parade Forecast
The parade kicks of at 10AM Saturday and the weather should cooperate. That is going to be a great day with sunshine mixing with clouds and mild air still in place. The only possible problem from the weather could occur if the storm I mentioned above came closer to the coast than forecast. Right now I don’t see that happening. If things change I will let you know. How warm will it be Saturday? As the parade begins look for temperatures to be in the upper 50s. By noon, the mercury should reach the lower 60s, certainly a great temperature range for a parade in November.
Sunday morning brings an earlier sunrise as we will have set the clocks back an hour. The sun comes up Saturday at 7:19 in Boston, the latest sunrise of the year, but is followed by a 6:20 sunrise the following day, much better for those of us who are early risers.
There is a very cool event that takes place Sunday morning and I will be up for it. I am concerned about cloud cover spoiling the event and will be tweeting updates all weekend. I don’t want you to have to get up early for a cloudy sky. If it’s clear, a partial eclipse will be visible at sunrise — about 6:30 a.m. local time — and last for about 45 minutes. Here in Boston southward to New York we will see the sun more than 50 percent covered by the moon. The best place to see it will be where you have a clear shot of the eastern horizon.

Gardening this week
For me fall is a time of year I tend to cook more. My cooking also changes somewhat as the garden is not producing as much and there are different things available in the stores. With the heat of summer gone, I can make more stews and sauces that need to cook longer without the far of heating up the kitchen. This week, my video shows how to make an easy tomato sauce that is sure to impress.



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