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If you are someone who often checks your thermometer for the outside temperature, you may have noticed something somewhat odd from the time you went to bed last night until you got up this morning. During the night temperatures not only stopped going down, they went up. A quick retrospective on the snow. A few spots did end up with over 1 inch of the white stuff. If you had not seen the totals already here they are.

Official snow.png

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This is a sign of the milder air to be in place through the weekend allowing us to put behind the pair of wintry days. Overnight the winds shifted to a more southerly direction and clouds rolled across the sky. The milder wind direction started pushing the cold air away, while at the same time the clouds acted like a blanket to keep the air at the ground from getting too cold.
Below is a chart of a weather station from St. Botolph street in Boston. You can clearly see on the top graph how temperatures remained steady around midnight and started going up well before sunrise. This shows the power of air masses which can overcome the typical diurnal changes in temperature.

St Botolph Weather Station.png

The milder air is going to play a crucial role in likely providing some beneficial rain here early next week. More in a bit. For the next several days sunshine will be the dominant feature and temperatures will be some 12 to 15 degrees milder than yesterday. I dare say, if you are in the sun today, it will feel very spring-like. Tomorrow brings even warmer conditions as the highs reach the mid-50s with the abundant sunshine.
As the flow of mild air continues this weekend, a few clouds will mix with the blue sky on Saturday and a continuation of temperatures in the 50s. Even at night, it won’t be very cold. Boston might remain close to 40F all Saturday night, so you won’t have to bundle up if you are going to be going out to a restaurant, club or the movies.
A cold front will begin to come into the picture later Sunday. Exactly how fast this front moves will determine just how much cloudiness we have Sunday. At any rate the sunniest part of the day will be before noon.
As the front moves eastward into this mild air Sunday night and Monday it will also help air with more and more moisture to flow north. The front will push into the mild/moist air and ring out a healthy dose of showers Monday and Monday night. I believe the timing is such that the showers will be done Tuesday. However, if the front slows down or speeds up, the timing of the showers will need to be revised.
It does turn colder behind the front and Wednesday through Friday of next week look quite chilly before milder air returns again the weekend of the 23rd and 24th of the month. I don’t want to guess at Thanksgiving weather yet, but early next week I will start creating a forecast for Thanksgiving week across the country, I hope this is helpful as many of you head to family and friends for what I feel is the greatest holiday we have. How can anyone not like a holiday whose theme is eating after all?
Gardening this week


 This week my video is on raised beds and how they can help extend the season.  I show you several ways you can use raised bed or cold frames to allow your gardening to start earlier and end later each year.

I’ll be updating the forecast for the week on Twitter at @growingwisdom Please follow me there. Feel free to comment or ask questions too.

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