Fog and damp roads the main issue this morning

Very moist air continues to hold over southern New England this morning. While temperatures are currently above freezing, some spots may be a bit slick so take caution west of Route 495 and in the normally colder valleys. We won’t see much if any sunshine today and it will feel quite raw. Tomorrow morning as temperatures fall near freezing some black ice could develop. More on that possibility later today.

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Early Sunday morning a very light coating of ice caused major issues in the Worcester area. When black ice forms, it doesn’t matter what type of car you are driving as all vehicles lose traction. Ice is nearly frictionless and you need some friction to stop a moving vehicle. This is one of the reasons it’s easier to drive on snow rather than ice.
If you are headed into southern Maine, there is a winter weather advisory up for those folks this morning. This advisory will expire mid-morning and I think the icing issue will be over for now.
A storm will pass well to our east Tuesday and Wednesday keeping any precipitation offshore and leaving us in a cool, but not cold pattern. Wednesday will be mostly sunny and as temperatures reach the lower 40s, it will be quite comfortable to be outdoors.
Thursday is shaping up as the mildest day in a while with highs reaching the upper 40s and perhaps even lower 50s over interior southern areas.
There could be a rain shower or two through the end of the week, but not a lot of precipitation is expected.
Another front will come into the picture for the weekend, right now I am not sure exactly how this front will impact our weather, but there could be some more wintry precipitation over the weekend. The exact placement of the front and the two air masses on either side of the front will play a critical role in determine what falls and what for it might take.
Around the House This Week
I know some of you are already thinking about Christmas trees. Did you ever consider there are great trees you can add to the landscape that make great Christmas trees? Even if you don’t decorate the tree, it will still be a wonderful addition in the landscape.


I’ll be updating the forecast for the week on Twitter at @growingwisdom Please follow me there. Feel free to comment or ask questions too.

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