Dry and sunny weekend, some wintry weather Monday AM

A coating of snow and sleet on the grass in a few places with a bit more out west was over long before sunrise today. The map shows what fell and it wasn’t much. The bulk of the weekend looks sunny and chilly with temperatures below normal, but not excessively cold.

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The pattern across the country remains active with a weather system out west brings rain and heavy snow. Parts of Utah, Colorado and California will all receive over a foot of new snow. Ski season in the west is off to a great start.
Further east a system will move out of the southern states and bring a mixed bag of precipitation to the Tennessee and Ohio valleys and eventually New England.
Sunshine will increase today and any snow on the ground should melt in areas exposed to the sun. Temperatures will rise above freezing, so walks and driveways will have a chance to clear if you have an icy patch or two on them. The good news, very few of us had any significant frozen precipitation.
Clear skies overnight bring cold temperatures back to the area. Lows by Sunday will be in the upper teens to mid 20s.
Sunday dawns bright and sunny. Sunday is also the earliest sunset of the year. The sunrises are getting later faster making for a net loss of daylight through the 21st, but if you are looking for something hopeful, sunsets start getting slightly (seconds) later next week.
If you are headed to the Patriots game it looks cold and dry without much wind.
Late Sunday night moisture will stream north into the area. Since temperatures at all levels of the atmosphere will be cold enough for snow. This is not a big snowstorm, rather it’s one where the timing is the major impact and even then, it might not be a big issue.
Anytime you get a weather system hitting during a commute, there are slowdowns. Since Monday is going to be the first some of you actually see accumulating snow this winter, the impacts to driving will could be greater than they would be with a similar small system in February.
Currently, it appears a period of snow will break out after midnight and then mix with sleet, freezing rain and rain before ending. The amount of snow and ice appears to me to be minimal right now. Even if we stayed cold throughout the entire event, we would still have less than 3 inches of snow in most places. Early indications are for a coating to an inch in the Boston area including the suburbs with up to 2 inches in the Worcester hills, but I will update this thinking throughout the weekend.

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Outdoor project this weekend
In this video I show you a project you can do this weekend and bring the kids along too.

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