A bit of snow, ice and rain for the Monday morning commute

Repeat after me, “this is a small storm, this is not a big event, this is a small storm, and this is not a big event.” However, (there’s always one of those) the timing is going to make for a somewhat more difficult commute Monday morning than usual.

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For today, a slow increase in cloud cover throughout the afternoon will be our only weather issue. It’s going to be cold, but without much wind it won’t feel too bad. If you are fortunate to be watching the Patriots play at Gillette Stadium expect temperatures to be near freezing with little or no wind at all.
Around midnight snow will begin to reach the south coast and spread northward hitting the Boston area between about 2 AM and 4 AM. The snow will not be heavy, but will stick to the cold ground including the roads.

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I am expecting a coating up to 2 inches with the least amount along the south coast into Boston and the greatest amounts inland past Route 128 and heading out to Route 495.
The majority of the precipitation will be over in the morning, as a matter of fact if the system moves quickly enough, the snow could be finished by 7AM. For the rest of the morning there will be some light rain along the coast and areas of sleet or freezing rain inland. The freezing rain, if it lasts for a couple of hours could coat some of the trees and untreated surfaces with a thin layer of ice, but there will not be much in the way of ice accretion.

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As the system passes Monday night, a new small area of low pressure will develop along a stalled front in the ocean. The clouds and precipitation shield from this low will brush by the area Tuesday. Across the south coast and Cape Cod there may be a few rain or snow showers with clouds and breezy conditions to the north. Temperatures will be in the 30s, but with the lack of sun, the wind and the dampness to the air, it will feel quite raw.
Wednesday and Thursday feature dry and cold conditions. Temperatures in the afternoon Wednesday will reach the lower 30s, but likely remain in the 20s for Thursday. On Friday morning, dry arctic air remains in place with temperatures well below average.
Next weekend’s weather is questionable as the atmosphere will be undergoing some changes which could spawn a new storm, but the details of this will have to wait several more days to see if it even happens.
The daylight hours continue to shrink, but the earliest sunset of the year occurs today. Although the “shortest day of the year” occurs on December 21st, the sunsets begin to become later tomorrow. While this is happening the sunrises are growing later so the gap between the two shrinks for 2 more weeks.

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Outdoor project this weekend
In this video I show you a project you can do this weekend and bring the kids along too.

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