Flash freeze as temperatures fall quickly

Most of the precipitation is now over, however there is still some lingering freezing mist and drizzle caused by cold air returning to those areas where it went above freezing. Readings have have fallen from the lower 30s to the lower 20s across northern Essex county as any slush is now freezing rock solid.

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Take care if you are driving as some roads may actually become worse, before getting better. There is an advisory for the flash freeze conditions as temps dramatically fall back to the mid 20s.

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I’ll be updating the snow forecast as it changes on Twitter at @growingwisdom Please follow me there. Feel free to comment or ask questions too.


Temperatures warmed well above freezing from about Boston south and are as warm as the mid 40s over Cape Cod. This means much of the snow turned to slush to the south of Boston. I think one of the most important things you can do early today is get the snow off walks and driveways. Temperatures are falling again and will be below freezing everywhere in a few hours.

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Coastal flooding
There is a coastal flood advisory for minor splash over at the time of high tide this morning. I don’t expect anything more than this from the storm. Winds will even have diminished somewhat by 9:30AM when the tide is high.


Major roads will improve quickly during the morning, so if you need to get out you will be able to this afternoon. Side streets and secondary roads always improve slower. The good news is snow amounts are not so high as to have created enormous snow banks which can be difficult

It’s going to be a cold, but dry night. Temperatures will fall into the teens and lower 20s north to south. Remember, whatever isn’t removed will be solid as a brick by morning.

I am expecting a bright day with abundant sunshine and cold temperatures only in the lower to upper 20s from the Worcester hills to Cape Cod. There will be a stiff wind at times making it feel even colder.


More snow
There will be another system affecting the area Tuesday afternoon and night. A low pressure area will dive south from Canada and then reignite off our coast. These types of systems can produce a few to several inches of snow, so I will have to closely review the models over the next day or two. I would plan on a messy homebound commute Tuesday the way it’s looking right now. Again, this isn’t a major storm, but enough to foul up the drive.

Cold midweek, but milder finish
The deep freeze continues into Wednesday when highs will still struggle to reach the melting point. The good news is temperatures will warm towards and into the 40s for Friday and some areas could even see 50F. This time of the year the sun is very weak and the only way we really melt snow quickly is with a mild rain. For those of you already tired of this winter, you may have to wait a bit to see bare ground or take a trip to the Cape for some winter golf.


Weekend garden tip
The video is from a few years back, but the tips on caring for a living Christmas tree are the same. Enjoy.

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