Rainstorm mostly over, a few snow showers could coat the ground

A quick update for the current conditions, the rain is basically over now and has ended as snow showers in areas across Worcester county. There will be a slushy coating and some slippery spots could develop overnight. The rest of the blog is from earlier this evening. The situation for the Thursday storm is still the same.

I was looking at some still photographs from Foxborough this evening and thinking how miserable it must be sitting in the stands. It’s raw, pouring and temperature are hovering in upper 30s. I know there are so called die-hard fans out there and I suppose it will be one of those experiences to reminisce about. I’d rather watch from my living room with a cup of hot chocolate and roaring fire.


We’ve known about this storm for several days and also known it wasn’t going to be cold enough for snow here in southern New England. However, at the end of the storm a coating of snow could fall across extreme northern sections of Worcester County. This would occur around midnight as the rain changes to snow in the final hour or two of the storm.

The storm is a nor’easter and as such there is a wind advisory for Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, as well as Cape Ann. These areas could see gusts exceed 40 miles per hour from about 8PM to 2AM. Winds of these speeds can cause scattered power outages and while not likely, I would have the flashlight ready just in case.

wind advi.jpg

The final days of 2013
You’ve likely heard about the coming cold for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day and it’s still in the forecast. We aren’t going to see any records broken with the cold and without snow cover on the ground temperatures won’t be able to fall as easily as they would with a deep snow pack. Snow, reflects heat very efficiently and therefore temperatures can be 10 or even 20 degrees colder with snow versus bare ground.
Tomorrow, highs will reach the lower to middle 30s and with the bright sunshine, it will be quite typical for the time of year. A shot of arctic air arrives Monday night through Wednesday when highs will remain in the 20s and nighttime lows fall into the single numbers and teens. However, this really isn’t noteworthy cold.


For first night, it will be between 24F and 18F from 7 PM through 1 AM around Boston. I don’t expect much wind, but you will still need to bundle up. These temperatures are somewhat less cold than what I thought a week ago.

What I believe is happening in the atmosphere is the core of the cold is waiting to arrive here until until after a snowstorm Thursday. You may have already heard about this storm and it does looking quite likely. This storm, unlike the current one, will be all snow. I am not ready to say even Cape Cod will have all snow, but all snow is likely from Plymouth north and indeed possibly all the way to Nantucket.

Friday storm.jpg

Your next questions likely will be: when does it start, when does it end and how much can we expect? Here’s what I know so far and of course this can change. Snow will arrive in the Wednesday night Thursday time period and end sometime over the first half of Friday. A plowable event is likely, but whether this is a 5 inch or 15 inch storm isn’t known. I’ll be updating blogs right through the storm, so check back often and of course, follow me on Twitter @growingwisdom.com

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