Snow, heavy at times continues

Depending on where you are in Massachusetts this afternoon will bring various different types of weather. Across the far west, cloudy skies and a few flurries are possible. As you move east into Worcester County, snow will fall and across the northern and western suburbs of Boston, the snow will come down heavy for a few hours.

As of 2 PM the rain has changed to snow in the Back Bay of Boston and has accumulated enough to turn the landscape white. Slushy accumulation of under 2 inches will be the result in Boston, but more just west of the city. The highest totals will be in western Essex county where a Winter Storm Warning is in place through the first part of the evening.


The reason for the snow and rain is a quick hitting storm moving rapidly north and east in the jet stream. Temperatures are just cold enough for the snow and the rain/snow line is further east than I expected yesterday. The models we use did a horrible job with the temperatures at ground level. The difference of a few degrees is why is snowing not raining as forecast earlier.

I am now forecasting 2-5 inches of snow west and north of Boston with some 6 inch totals possible in some of the higher elevations and into southern New Hampshire and Maine. Even Boston will have some slushy accumulation up to 2 inches. Obviously, this is very tight situation with temperatures. There is already 1 to 3 inches of snow just around the immediate suburbs.

Temperatures will fall to subfreezing levels overnight and thus the slush will freeze. There is little doubt sand and salt will need to be put down overnight to keep the roads from icing up.

Snow today.jpg

Sunday could see a chance of a few snow showers along with a lot of clouds. MLK day is going to be sunny and the last day we see above freezing temperatures for a while. Highs on Monday reach the mid-30s, but won’t get out of the 20s the rest of the week.
Arctic air is poised to make a big comeback next week and there is even the chance of some snow later in the week. We had a nice break from the snowy and cold winter this past week, but the break is now over and winter is coming returning strong.


I’ll be updating the forecast on Twitter @growingwisdom. Please follow me there.

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