Storm continues south of Boston, but it’s the cold elsewhere

Depending on where you live, you are either shoveling or just sweeping the snow away. The very cold and very dry air helped to keep the accumulating snow from penetrating far to the north overnight. Yesterday evening, heavy snow bands set up in a southwest to northeast configuration and since then have pushed east and rotated towards Cape Cod. You can see this in the two images below. The lack of movement north, is why some of you are waking up to less snow than you expected to receive.

Tues PM band.jpg

Weds AM.png

How much more snow?
Because the dry air kept the snow from progressing into northern areas, snow amounts were very little over northern Worcester county building to over a foot of snow south of Boston. South Weymouth has seen nearly 16 inches of snow so far! The snow continues to accumulate in those areas with up to 6 additional inches of snow over Cape Cod, but only a coating to an inch in the immediate Boston area.


The maps below shows how much more snow will fall today as well as the end times for the snow. I also put a projected radar map for this afternoon here to give you an idea how the snow is going to linger over Cape Cod well past the 12PM hour.

how much more.png

Snow ends.png

The wind will continue to be a factor much of the day with the wind chills remaining in the single digits even during what is suppose to be the warmest part of the day.

Wind chill wed.png

The rest of the week will be cold and dry with highs only in the teens and night time lows just below zero over northern and western areas to single number in and around the immediate Boston suburbs.

The pattern is active and while this doesn’t mean we are going to see multiple snow events, it does say the possibility is there for snow. A good place to get my updates to the forecast is on Twitter. You can follow me @growingwisdom

When you have so much cold air in place, it doesn’t take a lot of energy to spawn a storm. Over the next 10 days, I suspect the forecast to include snow multiple times. Like this storm, the gradient of no snow and heavy snow is going to be very tight. Our next chances of snow come Saturday, with a few snow showers and again Monday with another chance.


The cold relaxes a bit over the weekend, but after those snow showers finish Saturday, the arctic air reestablishes itself for several more days. Thereafter we will see two to three more shots of cold through the middle of February with the warm-ups between not lasting very long.

Super Bowl
Although the Patriots aren’t in the big game this year, a few of you asked about the Super Bowl weather. I took a peak this morning and if the maps were right, which is not likely yet, it would be cold and dry with highs in the 25-30 degree range and a gusty wind. That’s all I got on that right now. More data as it becomes available in the coming week.

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