Snow for Cape Cod, sunshine returns this afternoon

While this isn’t going to be an epic commute, like the one last night and early this morning in Atlanta, it will be slow heading to Boston, especially from south of Plymouth. How bad was the Atlanta commute last night? For some, it stretched over 14 hours and I saw pictures of people who pulled over and slept on the floor at CVS. Remember, that was for a few inches of snow.

Locally, there will be little or no snow on the morning commute from the north. Those of you who take the Massachusetts Turnpike to Boston won’t see much snow at all, but what little you do experience will occur around the Route 128 tolls and points east.
The real snow event this morning is over Cape Cod. The snow will continue there for several more hours lingering into the early part of the afternoon. The most eastern portion of these areas could see as much as half a foot of snow, with most of the Cape seeing 2 to 3 inches of light fluffy powder

snow Wednesday1.png

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It become sunny quite early today over northern areas, but wait until late morning or afternoon to the south. The peak of the recent cold outbreak is over and we are slowly going to see temperature return to more typical winter readings. Highs during the afternoon reach the low to mid 20s. A clear and cold night tonight is followed by another sparkling day of sunshine Thursday with highs still below freezing in most areas, but a few degrees warmer than today.

Friday, as milder air reaches the region we might see a rain or snow shower. The big weather feature will be our high temperatures in the mid to upper 30s. The weekend continues an unsettled pattern of clouds and the chance of a bit of rain. It will be milder over the weekend with afternoon temps reaching and even exceeding 40F.


Some of you might be interested in the forecast for Sunday in New Jersey where they are playing this year’s Super Bowl outside for the first time ever. I think secretly or not so secretly some meteorologists wanted Mother Nature to cook up a big snowstorm to see how it would impact the game. Alas, the weather looks reasonably tranquil although there could be some light rain or snow in the morning. Temperatures, which as we have seen this winter, can be very cold, won’t be. The chart below shows temperatures in the lower and middle 30s during the game with little wind and therefore little wind chill. The red numbers are air temperature and the blue numbers are wind chill temperatures. The green is the dew point, a measure of the moisture in the air and this isn’t important in this case.


The storm which caused major problem to the southern part of the nation is quickly passing out to sea about 200 miles to the south of Nantucket. As it does so it will take the quick hitting snow with it and leave sunshine and wintry temperatures in its wake. High pressure returns sunshine to the region for the next two days with mild air over the weekend.


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