More rain and snow later today

Looking over the records, it would be highly unusual to have a third winter with this much snow in a row next year. I’m only basing that statement on odds and the records in Boston since the late 1800’s, but I needed something positive to hang onto today.

Boston stands at 56 inches of snow for the season thus far, while in Worcester it’s just under 78 inches. Your yard probably is in the middle depending where you live. While there is more precipitation on the way, today is going to be mild enough for it to fall mostly in the form of rain.

Sunshine will quickly disappear behind the increase in clouds this morning and I expect rain or even rain and wet snow to break out this afternoon post 1PM. Across northern Worcester and the western part of northern Middlesex Counties there could be enough cold air left to leave an inch or two of snow. I made an accumulation map of worst case scenario. If the warmer air makes it further north, even these areas could see rain.

today snow.png

Notice the radar forecast for 3PM. Most of southern New England is the rain and it’s snowing in New Hampshire and western Maine. The area of snow and rain is quite narrow, so it only lasts a few hours with about a quarter inch of water.

precip today.png

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This will be enough rainfall to create some big puddles and make the drive home slower than usual. There won’t be enough rain to cause flooding or anything like that.
Thursday is a wonderful day with light wind and plenty of sunshine. Highs are going to reach the 40s and it will feel like spring even if the landscape looks like the arctic.

Friday rain

A quick hitting rainstorm brings mild air for Friday with some areas along the coast including Boston hitting 50F or higher. It will be a bit colder in the Worcester hills, but still well into the 40s. The rain could be heavy enough to cause some street flooding and if you have a flat roof you might want to think about having the snow cleared. Unless you are comfortable moving it yourself, hire someone who knows what they are doing. You don’t want to be that person showing up as the lead story on the news who fell off the roof shoveling.

The weekend is dry and seasonable with highs in the lower to middle 40s. Saturday is the milder of the two days. The cold air is back next week. I don’t expect it to be as cold as January, but when you are a week away from March and temperatures are still well below freezing during the afternoon, I’m calling it cold.

temp trend.png

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