South shore snow bands this evening

Snow showers and flurries continue this afternoon across much of the area. Some of you will see them last long enough to coat the ground, but this isn’t a big deal.

I put a tweet out yesterday mentioning I felt low temperatures Tuesday morning would end up the coldest we would see the rest of this winter. I also tweeted we wouldn’t see temperatures that cold until the next one. The reality is my statement’s likely true, but it’s going to be a close call as one more shot of arctic air comes through later tonight and Thursday. Lows tomorrow morning will be close to what we saw Tuesday morning, but should be a few degrees less cold, allowing me to be technically correct, in spite of the colorful descriptions of the cold some of you might use tomorrow morning.


As colder air rushes over the ocean, there will be some enhancement of the snow over the south shore of Massachusetts as well as parts of Cape Cod. In these areas a few of you could be within bands that produce up to 2 inches of snow by morning, while other see only a coating.

snowfall tonight.jpg

The reason for the snow is two-fold. We have some mixing of the atmosphere at around 18,000 feet and we have the shot of colder arctic air moving southward towards us. When you combine these two factors we are under the threat of snow showers for about 12 hours today.

Bands of snow gave parts of Cape Ann a good inch of snow earlier today and these bands are now pushing south into the area from Plymouth to Hyannis.

Tonight will be cold, and while I might end up technically right about it not being as cold as two nights ago, I’m sure many of you will be less than happy at more arctic air tomorrow morning. Highs Thursday stay in the “way below normal range” of 25-30F. Dry and cold weather continues the rest of the workweek with a trend towards milder air over the weekend. Saturday could see readings in the mid 40s in a few places with everyone nearing at least the 40F mark.


The tranquil pattern continues into the middle of new week. While it’s not going to be warm, temperatures will rise above freezing each afternoon and there will be some melting of the still 14 inches of snow in my yard.

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Long Range-Don’t read if you don’t like speculation
So I was reviewing the long-range models for later next week and there is reasonable agreement on a possible east coast storm sometime in the Thursday the 13th timeframe. While this is 8-days out and may not materialize, that’s likely the next chance of any significant storminess. As far as chances it will or will not happen. 55% it will, 45% it won’t. I’m not sure I would change any plans just yet.

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