Heavier burst of snow will leave 1 to 3 inches of snow inches this morning

While the storm fell as rain overnight, as the arctic air continues to pour into the region it’s creating a bit of a small snowstorm this morning. Our snow showers have quickly turned to steady moderate or even heavy snow. The big temperature contrast from single numbers to low 30s across the region is giving the atmosphere a kick of lift. This snow will continue for a few hours and since it’s so intense I think some of you could see 1-2 inches from this and 3 inches isn’t out the question. This will wind down by noon.


The storm which brought the warmth, the wind, the wet and the snow is now heading for Canada. Behind the systems it’s pulling in a very cold air mass for this time of year. Temperatures have been falling since after midnight and will continue to tumble this morning. It’s going to be a very cold and very blustery kind of day reminiscent of some of our colder days of the entire winter.

As the cold arrived, snow showers have increased and much more than a coating will fall. While it may look like a big snowstorm for a few hours, this will move out later this morning.

All the leftover moisture from last night has now frozen. The strong winds did help dry the roads before the snow which alleviated a layer of ice from forming on the pavement. If winds were calm when the cold air arrived, the water wouldn’t have been able to dry out as fast and there would be more black ice.

Surfaces not treated with salt etc. may be a bit treacherous this morning, but I suspect since this whole “flash freeze” and snow shower scenario was well forecast, there won’t be many places ill prepared.


highs today.png

The low temperature record for the city of Boston tomorrow is 12F set back in 1896. If you think about this for a second it means for the past 118 years it hasn’t be any colder than that on this date in mid-March. Tomorrow morning temperatures are going to fall far enough so Boston will come close to a record.

I’ll be updating the forecast on Twitter @growingwisdom.

Just before the turn of the 20th century Boston was a very different place. Henry Ford had yet to put the finishing touches on his “Quadricyle” and there weren’t big tall buildings throughout the city. Interestingly there was a fire in the Pope manufacturing office on Columbus Avenue in the South End of the city on the afternoon of March 12th 1896. I have no idea what caused the fire, but it was an unusually cold day and I have to wonder if something happened while folks were keeping warm.

Pope buidling fire 1896.jpg

Tomorrow morning temperatures will fall into the lower teens in Boston and single numbers west and north of the city. This is quite impressive cold because for Boston to get this cold, this late, with so much heat from the buildings, concrete and cars perhaps indicates the actual air mass is likely very similar to the once back in 1896.
Although it will be a January-like start to the day Friday milder air will ensue and most of you will see highs in the upper 30s and lower 40s for the afternoon. This will feel markedly more acceptable for March.


The weekend looks mildest Saturday with highs in the 40s before it turns colder Sunday when it stays in the 30s. Next week continues the theme of below normal temperatures with a shot at some snow or perhaps rain during the middle or latter part of the week.

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