Fine weather through Friday

Yesterday was a great example of chilly a sea breeze can keep the coastline. The high registered at Logan Airport, which of course juts out into the harbor, was a coolish 47F. Worcester was a balmier 54F and I found my high temperature close to that of Harford, Connecticut which was 58F.

There is a weather system at very nearby today, but it appears it will stay far enough south to only bring some clouds to the extreme southern parts of the area, while some rain brushes by southwest Connecticut.

For the bulk of the area sunshine dominates today with that typical sea breeze kicking in during the afternoon. If you work in Boston it might reach the upper 40s around lunch, but then fall back a few degrees later in the day.


In contrast to the cool coast, if you are heading to one of the office parks in say Waltham, Needham or Framingham you will see temperatures closer to 60F this afternoon.

highs today.jpg

Dry weather continues overnight and for the next two days. Friday is of course opening day at Fenway Park and even non baseball fans are aware of the importance of this day.
I have been fortunate to go to a few opening days and unfortunately saw one of them rained out by a cold blustery weather system moving up the coastline. For those of you with tickets to Friday’s festivities you will enjoy picture perfect skies with abundant sunshine. Winds will be blowing in from the east with the flag pointed towards the infield.
An east wind tends to keep homerun counts down because the wind is coming in from center-right field. While the flow of air won’t be particularly strong on Friday, it will be cool. If you are sitting in the sunshine it always feels warmer than it actually is, but if you are under cover or in the shade, you will be aware the actual temperature is somewhere in the mid-40s for most of the game.
A storm approaches the area Friday night and the timing of this looks to me as if the rain will hold off much of the evening. I am not expecting much rain from this system, only a quarter to half inch so you don’t need to be concerned about flooding. The rain will end Saturday morning and skies might brighten a bit before sunset which is now about 7:15.
Sunday is clearly the pick of the weekend with a return to more sunshine and seasonably mild air. Highs will reach the upper 40s and lower 50s and it will be a good day to get out and rake the yard, play some ball or take a spring walk.
Another system brings more rain Monday night or Tuesday. While this doesn’t look like a major storm, there is potential for more in the way of rainfall with that storm.
Temperatures will continue to run quite typical for early April which is a nice change from the atypical cold we had in March.
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