Morning showers ending with a bit of afternoon sunshine

April showers is quite cliché, but it’s also often true. After the snows of winter, April brings liquid precipitation and the opportunity for the landscape to begin greening again. There are many predictable parts of April, some of them non-meteorological. The Red Sox return to Fenway, taxes are due, the Boston Marathon is run and spring peepers begin their chorus of nightly singing.

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On Sunday evening I heard one lone peeper, beyond the backyard, ever so slowly peeping away. I was thinking, I know why you’re singing, I wonder if there was any other of your species listening. My curiosity would be satisfied last evening when the sound of the peepers reached a feverish pitch. Now, at least according to these little nocturnal frogs, spring has arrived.

Today’s showers
There are two frontal systems crossing the region today. As I write, the first one is bringing downpours and a slow morning commute. My lawn was just beginning to dry out. I did put down corn gluten last evening before the rain. This is an organic way to help control crab grass. I am just hoping the rain isn’t too heavy this morning washing it away.
This front will lift through the area this morning and then there will be a few hours of at least breaks of sunshine. If we see enough sunshine a few spots southwest of Boston could actually hit 70F. However, it’s much more likely 60s are as warm as we get. Over Cape Cod, it will be chillier with highs in the 50s.
Late this afternoon or during the evening a cold front will push through. This front doesn’t have as much energy as the morning warm front, but could still produce a few widely scattered showers. These showers might not happen at all in your town and if they do won’t be anything nearly as heavy as this morning.
I’ll be updating the forecast on Twitter @growingwisdom
Mid-week weather
Behind the front cooler and drier air greats us for Wednesday with sunshine, a breeze and temperatures in the lower and middle 50s. This cool air is typical for the first half of April. Thursday brings more sunshine and milder air. I am picking Thursday as the pick of the week. After a day of drying many golf courses should be looking quite good and this might be a chance to have your first outing of the season.
Perhaps the grill was put away for the season back in October or November. I actually grill all winter, but it’s not as frequent as the warmer months. The sun won’t set until 7:20 on Thursday making it a perfect evening to fire up the barbecue (or push the little red button), and enjoy an evening eating outside. It won’t be super warm, but if you dress for it, spring can be a great time to eat outside. The mosquitoes haven’t reached critical mass just yet.
Speaking of bugs, ticks are out in full-force. It’s important when you are raking leaves to check yourself very carefully when you come back inside. Ticks love leaf litter and will have spent the winter all cozy under a nice blanket of oak leaves. When they get a whiff you going by they are going to try to hitch a ride. There are other diseases, besides Lyme, that ticks carry so be careful when working outside this spring.
Friday brings a slight chance of a few more showers which could linger into the first part of Saturday, more on this later in the week. The balance of the weekend is looking great with mild temperatures and plenty of April sunshine.


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