Breezy afternoon leads to a few Friday showers

I have thermometer readout next to my bed so when I get up in the morning I can see how warm it cold it is. Around 5:30, when I glanced at the reading I was a bit surprised to see the number 27 staring back at me.

April mornings can still be quite cold and frosty. It’s not unheard of for inland areas to hit the mid or even lower 20s. Even along the coast, a frost can still occur. In Boston itself, frosts are much less likely from this point forward.

If you are putting out flowers this weekend, pansies and heathers will do fine even against a hard freeze. Many garden centers have lettuce, kale, broccoli and onions. All of these can also be planted right now.


I’ll be updating the forecast for the weekend and planting on Twitter @growingwisdom

Some of the fields have been quite wet from the recent rain, but as the grass begins to grow it will need more and more water and the lawns will continue to dry.
Our weather today looks fantastic with lots of sunshine and mild afternoon readings. I expect afternoon readings to reach the upper 50s. You will notice winds increasing through the day and they will be quite gusty this afternoon. The wind will be coming from the southwest and this transports milder air northward.
A slow moving front will be pushing eastward tonight and tomorrow accompanied by a few showers. The showers don’t look widespread or particularly heavy. The highest risk of rain comes tomorrow night, but you might see a brief shower during the day Friday.
A potential issue for the start of the weekend is the front is going to move so slowly it will allow an area of rain to redevelop south of Cape Cod. It’s a bit unclear how far north this rain might come and I am leaning towards it not moving off Cape. If the rain did move into Boston, it wouldn’t last long.
The trend on Saturday is going to be for increasingly sunny skies. Those of you over Cape Cod will likely see at least clouds Saturday morning and perhaps a period of rain. However, even there the sun will be out by the afternoon.
Temperatures will reach the 60s inland and will be cooler at the coast, but still reach the 50s over Cape Cod. At the current predicted timing of weather systems, I believe Saturday evening will be quite pleasant and a great close to the first day of the weekend.
Sunday is the better of the two weekend days because we won’t have any chance of showers and it will be sunny all day. Highs will once again be mild reaching into the 60s.
Early next week a mass of colder air will be building in Canada and could spill into New England for a day or two. However, overall the pattern is looking typically mild with regular periods of showers. April is an important month to see adequate rain. While a wet April doesn’t mean there won’t be issues this summer with rain, a dry April can set the stage for bigger problems later in the season. So far, we are doing great with moisture and if this keeps up, you won’t read about me touting the need for rain too much this summer.


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