Warm days continue before the rain arrives Tuesday

Yesterday was one of those fabulous April days when the word fabulous truly applies. I gave it a perfect score in the morning and with temperatures mostly in the 60s to lower 70s I hope you agree; it was a pretty awesome day.

My day was filled spending time in the yard. During the winter, the collar that holds a threaded piece of pipe cracked. The pipe carries water from my pond to a small stream I build years ago. The stream helps aerate the pond and keep it relatively clear. When I turned the water on a couple of weeks ago the pipe started leaking and gallons of water per minute started spewing out onto the lawn.


It’s probably hard to understand how much anxiety I was feeling about the stream and the pond. It’s just a pond, it’s man-made and in the back of my mind I knew it could be fixed. No matter how much I tell myself all the yard work of spring always gets completed, there is an underlying anxiousness about each dry day and the amount of chores I have on my list. I love all of it, but sometimes it’s overwhelming. The light is growing as I write and I am already starting to think about what I need to do today.
After two weeks of running around trying to find the right 2 inch valves and controls a friend who’s an irrigation expert finally got it working around 11 AM yesterday. The sound the water running over the rocks while I was clearing leaves was particularly soothing.
If you live in the city or don’t have much outdoor space spring isn’t the same as it is for those of us who do. I can’t imagine only planting a window box or two as the spring chore. Friends who visit me say my yard makes them anxious, and often ask the question “how much time do you spend out here?” The words always have a tone underlying them indicative of me being a bit obsessed with plants. My friends know me well.
Today’s weather
The weather will be more complicated today and not as nice. More clouds and and afternoon breeze is going to knock us off the top 10 category. There is a weather boundary to our southwest and as this pushes northward even warmer air will arrive for some. As the warm front lifts through there could be a few showers this morning, the best change will be north of the Massachusetts Turnpike, but anyone could see a quick shower.
Later today, temperatures are going to be reaching the lower 70s inland, but staying in the 60s and even upper 50s along some south facing coastal areas. The morning will be cool in the 40s and 50s.

highs today.jpg

If you live within a few miles of the water you can expect cooler temperatures. The coolest air always resides in that first mile or so of the coast and then the affects of the sea breeze lessen as you move inland. Every day is different and some days the cool air makes it past Worcester while other it barely clears Government Center in Boston. Today, with a southerly wind, the cool air will be confined over Cape Cod and other communities in Cape Ann where the southerly wind blows off the water.
Tonight, as the cool air off the water hits the mild air inland some fog and even a bit of drizzle could develop. This will likely not last long and while Monday may dawn cloudy, sunshine and warm conditions will ensue. Highs will reach well into the 70s tomorrow, with of course the exception being Cape Cod. A gusty southwest wind will keep the air moving. Monday will be the warmest day since the first few days of last October when it reached around 80F.
Changes begin on Tuesday as a slow moving front, which will put an end to the mild stretch, moves east. Along this front heavy rain will form and I do expect a period of heavier downpours later Tuesday and Tuesday night. The morning commute looks mostly dry Tuesday, but the evening may be quite wet, more on this tomorrow.
I’ll be updating the forecast on Twitter @growingwisdom.

Once the front passes, it’s going to turn quite cold and some inland areas could even see some wet snowflakes mixing in with the rain as it ends. If I see any snow Tuesday night, I’m just going to start repeating the mantra, “it’s not going to accumulate, it’s not going to accumulate” until it ends.

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