Blustery conditions remain in place

I am not a deep sleeper. If the dogs whine in the middle of the night, I am up in seconds. Maybe it’s the parental instinct or something. So when the winds are howling all night long, I don’t sleep so well. This time of the year the wind sounds differently as well. It’s a winter sound still, but will make the shift to a summer sounding wind in the next few weeks.

Some of you might think this is ridiculous. How can the wind sound any different between March and May? However, as soon as the leaves reach a certain size they change the sound of the wind and the branches of the trees stop clinking against each other in the same way. I think the wind actually sounds more ferocious while the trees are in leaf than when they are bare.

That’s probably enough of my wind sound observation for today. Speaking of today, the wind will continue to gusts all day long. While sunshine will be abundant, the blustery conditions will make it feel a bit cooler than the upper 50s.
Since the woods haven’t greened yet the fire danger is quite high. There are red flag warnings for the Berkshires and York County in Maine, but nothing official for most of southern New Hampshire and the rest of Massachusetts. That said, fire danger is still on the high side and burning isn’t an option in this wind anyway. However, a wayward cigarette could start a brush fire easily this time of year.
Winds continue early this evening, but will have diminished to almost nothing by the time the sunrises on Friday. The final day of the workweek starts sunny and ends up cloudy by sunset. There won’t be any rain shower activity so if you have softball or soccer practice in the evening weather won’t be a factor.
Saturday isn’t going to be a great day especially in the morning. Like a winter storm, there are still some discrepancies in the track and strength of the weather system which starts the weekend. My current thinking brings the showers into the area before sunrise Saturday and exits the area during the first half of the afternoon. This means morning games and practices might need to be cancelled. I’ll have more on the timing of the rainfall tomorrow.

radar saturday.png

Sunday is the better of the two weekend days with sunshine and seasonable temperatures. The nice weather continues for a few days, but there are signs still of an atmospheric blocking pattern next week. When these blocks setup someone ends up with lousy weather for several days while others are on the good side of the block seeing prolonged dry and mild weather. It’s too early to say which side we get.
I’ll be updating the forecast on Twitter @growingwisdom.


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