First full week of May brings typical weather

The first full week of May will bring a small variety of weather, but no big storms, big cold or big heat. The weekend turned out as expected with Saturday the better of the two days. Yesterday saw a variety of conditions with the atmosphere seemingly in indecision mode. Sun, clouds, rain, wind, hail and that was just what I saw in my area!

Today is a much better day with still some wind, but not as strong as it was at the conclusion of Sunday. There is also still the risk of a few showers, but more of us will remain rain free than actually see any precipitation. What you will notice today are clouds and plenty of them. The air is still unstable meaning clouds will form quite easily and block out the sun for periods of time.

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High pressure, which usually brings nice weather, will be building in from Canada for much of the week. As the high gets stronger tomorrow the risk of any showers will diminish to nearly nothing. There still might be a sprinkle across the Worcester hills or the Berkshires, but that will be the exception, not the rule.
My pick of the week is Wednesday when we see the most sunshine and temperatures in the 60s. I would call that day’s forecast ideal for May.
Thursday is also a nice day although not quite as clear as the day prior. Temperatures will still reach the 60s.
Friday and the weekend are a bit questionable at this point. The chart below represents one of the models ideas of temperature and precipitation through early next week. Keeping in mind this is just one model, there are a few trends to notice.
First, we remain mostly dry into the weekend. The blue bars represent rainfall and you can see how much is expected by using the key on the right side axis (y-axis). Also notice temperatures are quite uniform. Saturday there are dribs and drabs of rainfall not amounting to very much. Temperatures are cooler with the clouds and scattered showers.
Sunday is a challenge. Temperatures according to this model spike well into the 70s to near 80! If this occurs there would even be some humidity in the air. This model allows the warm air to penetrate into the region and bring a taste of summer.
However, before you break out the beach blanket there are other models keeping us cooler and wetter for Sunday. This all is still 6 days away and much can change.
Weekends are very important to many of you during the warmer months so I don’t want to jump the gun and predict either wet and cool or warm and muggy.
As the week progresses meteorologists will be able to see clearer how the upcoming weekend might unfold. The question to be answer is where or not the warm and muggy air is powerful enough to make into all of New England and just how far north it comes. If we do experience a taste of summer later this weekend it’s going to be short-lived as cooler air returns early next week.


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