First some showers, then warmer for the weekend

May begins the period of the year when our rainfall starts to become more showery in nature. During the months of October through April much of the rain or snow we see comes from the center of a storm passing close to or through New England. During the second half of spring and throughout the summer, the jet stream retreats northward into Canada and those storm centers now are too far away to bring us steady rain. Instead, the frontal systems that are part of the storms swing through bringing periods of showers.

If the fronts move quickly showers can be brief though heavy. Conversely, those fronts on a slower pace are often accompanied by a steadier rain. Thunderstorms can be part of these fronts and some can be severe.


Over the next few days we have two fronts which will impact our forecast. Before the fronts come into play, we have another great day today with abundant sunshine and pleasantly mild temperatures. An east wind this afternoon off the water will chill the immediate coastline several degrees after about 2PM.

This morning you probably are noticing lots of high clouds, but these will tend to move away today leaving more in the way of sun this afternoon. The warmest spots will be interior areas where that sea breeze doesn’t come into play.

A warm front begins moving northward tonight. On the eastern and northern side of this front it’s going to be rather cool and cloudy tomorrow. Temperatures will be in the 50s most of the day and there is the risk of some shower activity. It won’t be a washout, but showers could occur.

Take a look at the map below showing high temperatures for tomorrow. You can really see quite dramatically how hot it’s going to be south of the warm front and how cool it will be to the north. Some places in the mid-Atlantic region will be around 90F while we are in the upper 50s.


As the front moves into northern New England on Saturday we will break out into the warm sector. Now, temperatures will not soar to 90F, but you will feel some humidity in the air on Saturday with temperatures in the 70s.


Saturday evening another front pushed by and brings a renewed opportunity for showers. I hope you are getting the idea that the showers are not going to be continuous and there will be many dry hours between any rain.

Mother’s Day is of course Sunday and it’s also Lilac Sunday at the Arnold Arboretum. These two events coincide annually. This year the weather will certainly cooperate. There might be a few clouds early in the morning before 8AM, but then it’s a mostly sunny day with warm air. Temperatures will reach the 70s and even Cape Cod will be well into the 60s.

Nice weather continues into the start of next week with a warm day on Monday as well. Some areas could nudge the upper 70s to near 80F for a few hours Monday afternoon.


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