Not so nice today, but we’ll make up for it Mother’s Day

Showers are back in the forecast today, but much of the time is dry. Often when folks hear showers in the forecast they think it’s going to rain a lot. The word showers is so broadly used that the exact meaning is open to some interpretation. If you look up the definition it says something about the rain or snow being brief and light.

Over the next 24 hours most of the showers will be brief, but there could be some heavier downpours if any thunderstorm activity develops. I think one of the best ways to gauge how wet it will actually be is to look at the amount of rain forecast to fall and the pattern of heavier and lighter pockets. The map below shows the predicted rainfall for the area through Sunday morning. Notice most of the rainfall is north of the Massachusetts Turnpike. This indicated to me those of you south of Boston have the least likely chance to see any rain.

total precip.png

Showers are often difficult to predict who will see the most and who will see the least. This is because the mechanisms helping to form showers will often not be consistent across or within a given area. The radar image for 10AM below indicates a pocket of showers over the Merrimack Valley, but much of the rest of the region is dry. That area will continue to push eastward.
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A warm front has pushed north and we are now in the warm and more humid air. Temperatures will be significantly higher today, reaching into the 70s. The most likely times for showers are this morning and then again late this afternoon or more likely the first part of the overnight. Again, I want to stress the brevity of the rain for most of you. There is some humidity in the air today and this is one of the first days this spring we have felt these conditions. It’s not going to be oppressively humid by any means, but the air does feel more like summer.


Overnight a cold front will push offshore. This front will clear the skies and lower the moisture in the air. This is going to set up a great day for Mother’s Day. If you are a very early riser you may notice some cloudiness leftover before 8AM, however, the trend tomorrow is going to be for sunshine to increase and temperatures to be in the 70s. It will turnout a picture perfect day to be outside.
May Snow
It’s anything but perfect in Rockies tomorrow. A very late season snowstorm is going to hit Colorado and Wyoming with cold temperatures and abundant snow. The map below shows how much snow the NAM model is forecast for the Colorado and Wyoming areas. Some of the mountains could see up to 2 feet of snow if this is correct. While the mountains of Colorado and Wyoming do get snow in May, there is a Winter Storm Watch for Denver where 6 inches of snow is a possibility. If this storm occurs it’s definitely going to break some sort of record for the lateness of the season.


Our weather remains warm for Monday, but don’t put away the jackets just yet. Much of next week will be on the cooler side. It’s not going to snow, but temperatures could struggle out of the 50s on a few days, a stark contrast to the near 80F we will see Monday.


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