Sunshine gives way to chance of showers

A spectacular morning across the region with cool air and bright sunshine is going to undergo some changes this afternoon. The pattern today and tomorrow is such that clouds will build and produce a few showers and even a spot thunderstorm. You might not see any rain either day or you may get a shower both days, it’s going to be rather random. The highest risk of rain comes this afternoon and the further north you are the greater the opportunity for showers. Some of you on Cape Ann might see some heavier downpours.

One radar prediction for later today shows popcorn like showers over parts of the region. Don’t become attached to exactly where the showers are located, rather think about the way the pattern looks. This is why it’s rather unpredictable if your backyard gets any rain.

3 pm today.png

Once the sunsets this evening the fuel for the showers will be gone. This means the showers will end and skies will partially clear. Tomorrow once again starts off sunny with the same pattern of afternoon showers taking over after 2PM.


By the middle of the week the system bringing us this chance of showers will push away. Between now and Friday, Wednesday looks to be the only day where I can remove the chance for showers entirely. Late in the week a new system will bring a renewed shot at rain and cool air off the ocean. Highs on Thursday will likely stay in the 50s most of the day.

This brings us to the Memorial Day weekend forecast. Currently, it appears the weather will be pretty good all weekend. I do see the possibility for a shower or two during the afternoon Sunday, but at this point the mechanism to bring the shower could weaken or the timing change. What I am confident about right now is there won’t be a washout for the weekend and those of you heading to your favorite weekend getaway in New England should fine generally dry weather.
Our weather system from late this week could linger long enough to keep clouds Saturday morning, but as you saw this weekend, predicting the exact timing of the clouds and rain a week ahead of time isn’t likely.
Temperatures will be warming through the weekend and could reach the 70s or even lower 80s by Memorial Day.
There are more graduations this weekend including at my alma mater, Colby College in Maine. Those other two schools, Bowdoin and Bates will also see their seniors taking place in commencement. Most graduations take place in the morning and presently it looks partly sunny and mild. There could be a pop-up shower.
I’ll be updating the forecast @growingwisdom on Twitter.

Finally, there is a new meteor shower this Friday night and early Saturday morning. The Camelopardalids are a new meteor shower which might come on the scene. According to “This possible shower stems from Comet 209P/LINEAR, discovered in 2004. If the predictions hold true, Earth might be sandblasted with debris from this comet, resulting in a fine display of meteors, or shooting stars on the evening of May 23, and the morning of May 24.” It’s funny to me how just like the showers for today’s weather, we really don’t know exactly how these shower is going to turn out either.

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