Spectacular Sunday weather continues into Monday

Day 2 of the perfect summer weekend across New England continues with sunshine and pleasantly warm temperatures. It cooled off nicely last evening with morning lows in the 50s and lower 60s. Dew points, that number representing how much moisture is in the air, have been low enough so we don’t feel the moisture and it is remaining comfortable. This will be changing a bit a few times over the next week.

High pressure continues to be the focus of our weather and since high pressure usually brings good weather, this is turning out to be a picture perfect weekend. High temperatures yesterday got into the lower 80s in may place. Even the coastline was quite warm.


Today a light southerly wind will keep those areas which face south along the water cooler and in the 70s, but inland areas will once again reach the lower and even middle 80s in a few spots.

The sun is very strong right now. I very often write about how much the sun changes from week to week during the year. This time of the year, the sun is higher by 8AM than it would be at its highest point in winter.
When the sun’s rays shine so directly on the surface of the earth our shadows are very short and the light is much more intense. It’s not until after 5 PM that the intensity of the sun becomes noticeably different. Shadows grow in the length during that time of the day and it’s a great time to take pictures.
June is strawberry month for much of New England and local farms and maybe even your own backyard are picking the first crops. The best time to pick fruits and vegetables is early in the morning when the sugar content is at its 24 hour peak.
There is research that shows fruits and vegetables picked early in the morning stay fresh longer as well. If you can’t pick early at least don’t harvest between 9 AM and 5 PM if possible.
If you are going to the beach today, the weather will be cooperating. Tides are high in most beaches along the coast early this morning meaning low tide is around 2PM this afternoon. Check your local tide chart for the exact time of low tide if you are boating.
Tomorrow is another nice day with sunshine and warm readings. We see some changes on Tuesday as a front approaches the area bringing a chance of showers, not a washout, and an increase in the humidity. The middle of the week is dry and sunny with cooler, but not cool temperatures. More changes come late in the week with clouds, some humidity and an added risk of showers.

gfs loop next 10 days.gif

Presently, I don’t see any major heat or prolonged humidity in the forecast as the jet stream continues to meander far enough south to keep any extreme heat over the southern states. As we get deeper into June and July the chances for heat will dramatically increase.
I’ll be updating the forecast @growingwisdom on Twitter.

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