Humidity and Above Average Temperatures Close Out August

During the night a southwest flow of humid air changed the amount of moisture present and now it feels like mid-summer again. These humid conditions will be with us through the middle of the workweek.


The sun is not reaching as high in the sky anymore so although it’s going to be quite warm it won’t feel as intense as it did a even a few weeks ago. The strength of the sun is about the same as it would be on April 11th.

This morning there are showers well to our west. Although it may look somewhat threatening this morning, I do expect some sunshine to develop through the clouds. The risk of rain is low during the first half of the day and doesn’t increase until later this afternoon and overnight.

If you want to head to the beach go early, but know it’s not going to be a mostly sunny day. Personally, I really like warm and humid days with a lot of clouds at the beach. I feel like the heat is more tolerable and I don’t have to worry as much about the sun. Of course, you will need sunscreen as the ultraviolet rays easily filter through the clouds on these types of days.

The map below shows what the hi-resolution model we use thinks for showers around 7PM this evening. Notice at that time there is a line of showers running from northern through southern New England. The red colors represent thunderstorms and heavier downpours.

7PM tonight 148.png

There is the chance some storms could become strong and even an isolated severe storm isn’t out of the question.


With so much moisture in the air today any rain that does fall may result in localized urban street flooding and hamper outdoor activities.

This is a big weekend for college students to move. If you are moving or helping with a move try to get it done as early in the day as possible. Today and again tomorrow showers will be most numerous in the afternoon and evening. No one wants to have all there “stuff” soaking wet from a quick downpour.

Today and tomorrow will see afternoon high temperature readings in the mid-80s. With the southerly wind it will be in the 70s on Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.
A cold front crosses the air tomorrow and brings a renewed risk of rain showers again mostly in the late morning or afternoon. The weather turns sunny on Tuesday and that looks like the warmest and best beach day of the week.

The loop below shows how the air masses are expected to move during the next 10 days. Notice the warmer colors=warm air and the cooler colors=cooler air. Much of the east coast is under warm flow most of this period although you can see a brief burst of cooler air later this week and again at the end of the loop which keeps repeating.


This pattern was well predicted nearly a month ago when many forecaster were indicating a warm September. For at least the for 10 days it looks like this prediction is going to hold.


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