Super Monday Weather Followed By Several Changes This Week

A chilly early October morning starts our work week with readings in many spots in the 30s while Boston and other metropolitan areas are in the 40s. There are frost warnings up early this morning well west of Boston.

You’ll need a jacket this morning and don’t forget the sunglasses, the solar glare is going to be an issue with sun both this morning and again this afternoon. The sun’s angle is much lower this time of year and its position in the sky has moved just south of east making it a problem for drivers heading into Boston from the west and even north.

High pressure is going to bring a wonderful day, similar to yesterday, but a bit milder. This afternoon highs will reach the mid and even upper 60s in places.

monday highs1014.png

If you get a chance to take a walk or have your lunch outside you’ll be happy you did. I know work can get very demanding and at times it seems hard to carve out some time to stand up let along go outside, but I think it’s important to enjoy the great weather while we have it and it’s just a lot healthier to not sit so long.

I overheard someone at the gym yesterday saying he sat down at his cube at 7AM and didn’t get up all day including “eating lunch at my desk”. I honestly just felt sad for this person and I know he’s not at all alone. I often why how and why society evolved so that millions of us are stuck in traffic for hours then sit in a cube for many more, leaving only a few precious hours on the weekend to take advantage of a nice day.


I could bloviate more about the perils of getting caught up in a life of all work, but I risk become preachy, and for some the daily challenges of a given vocation are life-fulfilling. I do wonder how many fit into Jackson Browne’s lyrics of “The Pretender” and how many would love to find a way out. Besides, weather, gardening, and my dogs, I do think about this other stuff a lot.

Onto the Tuesday forecast we go with more clouds, mild air, and the risk of showers. I think the morning commute ends up dry for most with showers moving in from west to east during the afternoon and leaving wet roads for the evening. The rain won’t be very widespread, but some town could see a downpour.

The radar prediction below is for early Wednesday when the showers will be most numerous.


The map below shows the total rainfall through Wednesday. Notice the pattern of the heaviest amount of rain over western and northern New England with much less over Cape Cod. The key is on the left.


There’s a better chance of rain during the night Tuesday and with a southerly flow of air, it’s going to be mild. Readings in Boston and other surrounding towns will likely stay in the 60 degree range all night and with some mugginess in the air it will feel more like a summer evening than a fall one.

The morning commute on Wednesday is wet, but the evening should be dry along with a nice setting sun at 6:14. It turns cooler at night and while Thursday is sunny, highs will struggle back towards 60F in the afternoon. This is our second-nicest day of the work-week. On Friday another weather system threatens with clouds and perhaps a period of rain. The best chance of rain will be south of Boston and over Cape Cod.


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The Columbus Day weekend is looking good as long as Friday’s weather system keeps chugging along. If the jet stream keeps a progressive pattern then the Friday system exits by early Saturday leaving sunshine for the weekend. Those of you on Cape Cod and the Islands have the best chance of clouds and a morning shower Saturday. I’ll have much more on the evolution of this weather maker during the week.

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