Another Nor’easter Brings Rain & Wind To Southern New England

A lot of changes take place this weekend both in the weather and in our clocks. Of course by now you’ve likely been reminded several times to set the clock back one hour before you go to sleep on Saturday. This gives us an extra hour of sleeping or staying out and having fun. The sunsets now move to before 5PM and will remain there until February 3rd 2015 when the sun will set at just after 5PM.

If you are a morning person the sun will rise before 6:30 for the next week and not move until after 7AM until early December.

Today is Halloween and this means traffic will be worse heading home early. Many folks leave work around 3 or 4 PM to get their kids ready to go out treat or treating. The weather will cooperate today with temperatures falling into the upper 40s between 4PM and 9PM. Clouds will be thick, so there won’t be any moonlight.

Winds won’t be a factor tonight and there could be a bit of mist or drizzle in the air along the immediate coast. You won’t need any umbrellas or raincoats tonight if you are walking around the neighborhoods.

The chart below shows temperature, wind, and chance of precipitation through early Sunday morning. Notice skies are also going to remain cloudy throughout most of this period, finally starting to clear after 7AM Sunday.


Another Nor’easter
A large an intense storm is going to move off the coast tomorrow and then into the Canadian Maritimes late Sunday. This storm will become quite intense and while too far away to bring any major snow on the backend; it will bring a lot of wind.


Winds could gust as high as 50 mph across Cape Cod and in the 40s along the coast of the rest of southern New England. Winds speeds like this can bring down some larger tree limbs and therefore power outages are a risk.


Rain overspreads the area on Saturday morning. It might be dry around sunrise, but by noon it should be raining steadily everywhere. Rainfall will be heaviest across eastern areas will less rain the further west you live. In Boston we can expect around an inch of rain, perhaps a bit more or less as the storm track changes a bit over the next 24 hours. Cape Cod and the Islands will see up to 2 inches of rain. The map below is from the GFS model. The specific rainfall amounts are not likely to be exact, but it give you an idea of the pattern of rainfall.


Snow or No Snow?
Sunday morning, early, as the storm pulls to our east the rain may end as a period of snow in the higher elevations of Massachusetts and through interior southern New Hampshire. There could even be a slushy coating in the Worcester hills. One of the models, the GFS, has gone bonkers with snow for Sunday morning. I’ll show you the map from the 2AM run of this model, but only because it’s interesting to see. IF and I don’t think this is going to happen, the other models came in line with this one later today, the forecast would change dramatically for Sunday morning, but this models is the exception and the others are forecasting rain.


Football Weather
The weather on Sunday looks windy with a drying trend. Skies will partially clear and it will continue to be cold. Highs on Sunday only reach the mid-40s, but will fall to the upper 30s after the sunsets. By the 4th quarter of the Patriots game it will likely be about 38F with wind chills in the upper 20s.


It remains dry to start the new workweek with a warming trend. Highs get back into the 50s and even 60s are possible in the middle of next week. Happy Halloween and be safe.

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