Sunday Nor’easter Bringing Wind, Rain & Perhaps Some Snow Before Ending This Afternoon

This morning we find an intense low pressure system southeast of Nantucket. This storm is far enough away so the heaviest precipitation is just clipping eastern Massachusetts and not moving inland much farther. As I wrote yesterday, the big issue with this storm is the wind. Winds have already gusted over 60 miles per hour on Nantucket and in the lower 50s right at the coast of the north shore.


There is a coastal flood warning from Hull south. These warnings are issued for everything from minor to major flooding and in today’s case it’s minor. The winds with this storm while strong have a big northerly component and therefore the coastal issues won’t be as great. Also this storm is not long lasting enough and the tides are not particularly high.


As I write this, around 7AM, there is a sharp cut-off between heavier elements of rain and just light rain. Cape Cod and areas southeast of Boston will see the most rain this morning. As the precipitation comes down hard enough it could bring some cold air down to the surface and that’s when you might see some snowflakes mixing in with the rain.

There is a chance some spots could see a sloppy accumulation briefly on car tops or the grass. This isn’t a big snow event and is more exciting from a forecasting standpoint just trying to figure out if it will snow a bit or not. The hi-resolution models are putting out a few inches of snow over the higher terrain southwest of Boston. The models will sometimes put out more snow than will actually end up on the ground and I think this is the case this morning.


It’s snowing hard in parts of Maine this morning and there could be blizzard like conditions for a time near Penobscot Bay later this morning.


Temperatures are going to be cold all day. I expect highs to be only about 40F this afternoon. This is the coldest day we’ve had since the end of March.

The rain and show should taper to just some light shower activity around noon west of Boston and about 2PM, give or take an hour in Boston. Cape Cod will hold onto the precipitation a bit longer, lasting until near sunset on the outer Cape.

Tomorrow looks a lot better with sunshine returning. Highs get back into the upper 40s to near 50. Winds will still be brisk and it’s going to be cold to start the day. It’s likely many areas have their first hard freeze tomorrow morning.

Tuesday and Wednesday are the picks of the week with more sunshine and mild air. Highs could get into the mid-60s Wednesday.

Another storm brings more rain for the Thursday-Friday time period, but it should clear out for next weekend along with cooler temperatures.

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