Rain Starts The Workweek Then Colder Again.

Cold and plenty of it continues to flow into the United States today with a flow of air from the north. Another blast of arctic air is entering the country across the Rockies and this air will flow east and be with us much of this week.

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Today is a milder day than yesterday when most areas where in the 30s all day long. These kinds of temperatures are more conducive to the middle of December, not November. Highs this afternoon reach the low to middle 40s and parts of Cape Cod will close in on the upper 40s for an hour or two in the afternoon.


Clouds will be increasing throughout the day, but there won’t be any precipitation. Overnight the clouds thicken. Temperatures remain in the 30s with the clouds and a southerly flow of milder air.

Tomorrow a low pressure area will pass over the region bringing rain to most areas with some snow across the northern ski mountains.

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I am expecting about inch of rain on average to fall. Areas north and west of Boston might see a bit less while areas to the south could see up to an inch and a half of rain. The rain will fall in two batches. There might be a break of sorts between with a morning round of rain and then another line of showers and perhaps even some heavier downpours for the evening. The morning commute and evening commute will likely be impact with rain.

The graph below shows how much rain we should see (Boston), during this next storm and how temperatures will behave for the next week.


As the storm moves into Canada a blast of cold air will follow and temperatures will be below average the rest of the week. Highs on Wednesday will stay in the 30s and will continue in the 30s to lower 40s the rest of the week and into the weekend.


Next weekend some of you will start the exodus to family and friends for Thanksgiving. Many colleges are off so students will be heading home for a vacation. The weather looks dry and cold next weekend.

All models are agreeing there is going to be sizeable coastal storm early Thanksgiving week. The track of the storm will be critical as to whether it’s a rain or snow situation or it goes out to sea. It might be 65 and raining or 30 and snowing, so it’s pointless to speculate. Since the models agree a storm will form, the question I’ll be trying to answer this week is where, when, and how much of anything will fall.

tues 1112514.png

The details are important of course, but at least we know the atmosphere is going to be very active around the 24th of the month.


Presently, Thanksgiving day looks cold and dry with highs significantly below average. The map below shows high temperatures for Thursday.

cold turkey day.png

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