Rainy Monday Followed By Winter Cold

Rainy days and Monday’s always get me down. The song is now stuck in my head and I had to go to YouTube to listen to it. It’s definitely going to be a wet start to the workweek. Traffic could be worse than usual with the addition of all the water on the roads.

A storm is going to move over New England during the next 12 hours and get stronger as it passes. The warm side of the low pressure area will make it into much of eastern Massachusetts late today with high temperatures briefly reaching the 50s. The morning is very raw and chilly.


Notice the sharp gradient in temperatures across the region today. The closer you are to Cape Cod, the warmer it will be this afternoon.

Expectedhighs  111714.jpg

Don’t get use to the mild air, it’s a tease. We are in a very cold pattern which is somewhat historic for its duration and coverage across the country. Highs much of this week will only be in the 30s. This is more typical for December or January, not mid or even late November.

Notice highs for Wednesday when it remains in the lower 30s west and north of Boston. With a bit of a breeze, it’s going to feel like winter, in spite of the calendar.

Expectedhighs  111914.jpg

Let’s get back to today’s rainfall, as I am expecting a widespread 1 to 2 inch rainstorm with higher amounts in any downpours or thunderstorms.

Expected rain 111714.jpg

The radar projection for 7PM this evening has heavy downpours and possible thunderstorms across much of Cape Cod. Elsewhere, it’s still raining at various tempos at this time. The evening commute will be a slow one in the dark with wet roads.


Winds are going to become strong this afternoon and a high wind warning has been issued for Cape Cod and the Islands until 11 PM this evening.

wind warning111714.jpg

In the Boston area a wind advisory is posted for gusty winds, but not as strong as over southeastern Massachusetts. Where winds are strongest there could be some scattered power outages and tree damage.

wind advisory111714.jpg

The cold continues into the weekend with temperatures fluctuating from the lower 30s to the lower 40s. While some days will be less cold than others, the entire period is significantly below average. Wind is also going to be an issue the first half of this week. While it won’t be strong enough for damage or anything like that, it’s going to bring wind chill into the picture. The wind chill numbers won’t be a health issue, just make it feel even colder at a time many of us just are not mentally ready for this kind of chill.

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There is still a high likelihood of a big warm-up next week with temperatures getting above normal and the chance of a rain storm early in the week. Thanksgiving is currently looking dry and cold as is the day before for traveling. The Midwest could be impacted by some wintry weather Thanksgiving week, but it’s just too far out in time to nail down details. Presently, it still doesn’t look like we have any snowfall in the Boston area through the upcoming holiday weekend.

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