Dry & Cold Thanksgiving With Some Snow Early Friday

Happy Thanksgiving. I love this holiday. Eating, friends and family, what more could you want? I hope it’s a great day for you and you enjoy the day.

The nor’easter which brought rain, snow, sleet and wind to the region is now heading into eastern Canada. Snow fall ranged from a coating along the coast to nearly a foot or more in the highest elevations of Hampshire and Worcester Counties.

Dry Today, More Snow Early Friday
There will be a lot of clouds today and just generally cloudy. Highs will be in the 30s. Very late tonight a bit of energy will rotate through the area and bring a bit of snow to the coastline.

trough tonight112714.png

These troughs are notoriously hard to predict. This is one of those situations where snow can vary in just a few miles from a coating to three inches. Think of this as similar to thunderstorms in the summer where one area sees heavy rain and the next town gets nothing. The snow will linger in the morning tomorrow and will impact driving in those areas where the bands are present.

The image below is from the GFS model (Weatherbell Analytics image) Note the pattern and placement more than the exact bands. This is likely going to shift a bit as I get new information.

snowfall Friday.png

Most of southern New England will just see some clouds and perhaps a coating to an inch of snow between Route 128 and Route 495.

Later tomorrow sunshine will become the dominant weather feature with temperatures remaining cold in the 30s.

As milder air slowly starts to move north on Saturday we will see more clouds. Saturday is still a cold day, but by Sunday highs get back into the upper 40s to near 50F and on Monday highs should easily reach the lower 50s. It does turn colder again after that.

I’ll be updating on Twitter and here as I receive new data.


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