Great Weather For First Night 2015 & Watching Weekend Storm

As I was walking around the yard yesterday I couldn’t help but notice just how lifeless parts of the garden were looking. The rhododendron all curled up, the grass dry and lifeless and the perennials flat against the earth. Winter has arrived and it seems like it’s here to stay.

If you are a snow lover December was a disappointing month. There were not big snowstorms and the ground is bare. For some, this isn’t winter. Personally, I remain thrilled the ground is bare. It’s so much easier to move around and not deal with snow banks or the risk of slipping all over the place when I walk the dogs.


There are a lot of activities this New Year’s Eve and the weather will cooperate. Of course it’s going to be cold with a bit of breeze so bundle up if you are outside. I think wearing a good hat, warm gloves and socks that keep your feet warm are the three musts for today. On a side note, I am hooked on SmartWool brand socks. They are pricey, but amazing to take winter walks.

Temperatures will fall from the upper 20s to the lower 20s from 3PM until midnight tonight. There will be a breeze which at times will be a bit brisk and make it feel colder.
Dry weather today will last into Saturday morning. It won’t get above the freezing mark in much of the area before Friday. Those of you right along the coast and south of Boston will see highs in the low to mid 30s to start the New Year.


The next weather maker is a bit complicated. A storm will move into the great lakes region and pull warmth and moisture north into New England. There will likely be enough cold air left when the precipitation arrives for a bit of snow and sleet. Eventually, too much warm air will flood into the atmosphere so that snow will not be able to fall.


The map below shows where there storm will be on Sunday. There are clear indications of very mild air at high levels of the atmosphere, but the cold might stay stuck near the ground, especially over northern Massachusetts much of the duration of the storm. This means a snow to sleet to rain situation with the possibility of a few inches of snow at the start of the storm.

sunday morning1415.png

I don’t think Boston will see much more than a coating to an inch of snow before the change to rain, but west of Route 128 could see 1 or 2 inches and north of there up to 4 inches of snow.


The map below is from the GFS model and gives an idea of the pattern of snow accumulation from this upcoming event. It’s still 3 days away and the southern edge of the snow could shift further north taking Boston completely out of the white stuff.


I’ll take another look at it tomorrow and Friday and put together a few more specific maps of snowfall.

Thank you!
The end of another year gives me an opportunity to thank you for reading my blog. You continue to help make this one of the more popular features on Your comments help make this a better blog and in spite of my inevitable grammar challenges, I continue to try to make each entry clear and concise. I am honestly humbled by the trust you place in my forecasts and strive to be the most honest source of weather information you can find. I love the exchanges on Twitter @growingwisdom and encourage the questions to keep coming in 2015. I hope you have a great year ahead and that you can create for yourself the life you want. Happy New Year!


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