A Bit Of Snow Then Very Cold Thursday, But Less Cold This Weekend

If you watched the temperatures Monday you likely noticed them falling fairly quickly in the afternoon as the arctic air moved into the region. This isn’t the coldest piece of air we’ll experience this week, we’ll have to wait until Wednesday night and Thursday morning for that to arrive.

The dominant jet stream is currently the polar jet. This means our weather is coming from the Polar Regions where it is dry and cold. This pattern is similar to January of 2003, when we saw a lot of cold and not a lot of snow. That year just about 4 inches of snow fell in Boston, while the temperature was nearly 5 degrees below average. This long duration cold allowed the frost to penetrate the ground very deep.

That winter, we saw several pipes bursting from the cold and the lack of insulation from snow. The next 10 days look very cold and I would not be surprised if we started seeing some problems similar to that year. If you have issues with pipes freezing in your house it’s a good idea to leave closets and cabinets open if there are pipes behind those walls. Closed spaces will stay very cold and are often the source of pipes bursting.

Remember, running water won’t freeze so you can also leave the water dripping if you have seen issues in the past.

As long as the flow of air is coming from central Canada it’s difficult for us to see any big coastal storms. There are a couple of chances for some small amounts of snow in the next 10 days, but nothing big.


Today, some light snow or flurries will pass through the region with Cape Cod seeing the best chance of hitting an inch. The system is moving south so areas north of the Massachusetts Turnpike could be facing just some flurries. Winds will be much lighter today than yesterday before picking up again tomorrow.


Snowfall amounts below are the high end of what might fall. Most will see barely a coating to an inch.


As an arctic front pushes through Wednesday afternoon a snow shower or even snow squall (briefly heavy burst of snow) will cross the area. If the squalls do develop and show up the area during the evening commute, there could be some slick spots on the highways.


When you get up Thursday morning it’s going to be very cold with many of you seeing temperature readings below zero. Even Boston and Providence will be close to zero although it’s difficult to reach that number with no snow cover.

The moderates into the weekend and early next week, but it’s not going to be mild. There is a good chance we don’t break freezing until Monday and then fall back into the 20s for several more days. I certainly don’t see any 40F degree readings on the horizon.

I think at this point we will have to wait until the second half of the month or February before we see any big storms. I’m not forecasting any just yet, but the likelihood something happens before is small.

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