Cold Relaxes, But Wind and Some Snow On The Way

Arctic is now slowly relaxing its grip as temperatures have come up quite a bit since earlier today, when Boston reached 1 below zero for their coldest morning since late January of 2011.


Now that temperatures aren’t as cold, the dangerous part of this polar outbreak is over, but it’s still going to feel like winter for a while.

The next weather event is an area of strong winds poised to reach Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the Islands tomorrow morning and continue much of the day. These winds are the result of a strong band of winds, called a low level jet stream which will move over these areas. These types of jet streams are common, but don’t often reach the ground. This is different than the higher level jet stream that moves storms around the planet.


The low level jet often occurs when you have big changes in temperature, like the departure of arctic air followed by more seasonably cold air. If these winds mix to the ground, some areas could see winds in excess of 45 miles per hour or even 55 miles per hour in isolated gusts. This is enough to cause scattered power issues tomorrow.

The other weather story Friday is the light snow showers in the morning. There is a weak and moisture starved system moving east from the Great Lakes and this will bring a quick period of light snow in the morning.


Friday’s are traditionally a lighter commute and the snow is going to be very light on the order of a dusting to an inch. However, it only takes a small amount to slow down drivers and create accidents so plan on some extra time. This is a marginal event.
The rest of the weekend will be sunny and dry with seasonably cold air. Saturday will see highs in the 20s, but by Sunday we should reach close to 30F.

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The potential for snow has been very low since December for different reasons. First it was too warm, now it’s been too dry. This pattern might be undergoing a change later this month starting late next week, but it’s too early to say how any new storm will track will behave and whether this means more snow for southern New England or just more storminess in general across the eastern part of the United States.


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