Another Burst Of Snow This Evening, Then Clearing

Snowfall is now basically over with some lingering light rain or mix precipitation across the region. There will be another round of snow this evening between roughly 5PM and 10PM and some areas could see an inch or two of accumulation.

Skies will clear later tonight and temperatures will fall below freezing. It won’t be a deep freeze, but I would try to get up all the slush and wet snow you can.

The map below is for around 7PM and the blue area is more light snow. Notice even Cape Cod will see some snow this evening.


A bigger weather story is coming Tuesday with a major snowstorm quite possible. I’ll have much more on this during the afternoon and evening.


Morning Blog
The quick hitting storm is now underway across southern New England. It’s winter and this is what many of you enjoy. It’s Saturday so at least we don’t have to deal with school and work traffic. If you got a new snow blower this year, you finally get a chance to use it.

This is mostly a morning storm, although the precipitation won’t be completely done until after dark. The snow will be heaviest before 1PM, as most of the accumulating snow will have occurred before then.


The accumulation maps are for the morning snow and the brief burst of evening snow which will occur. In between, there’s going to be a change to sleet or even plain rain depending on exactly where you are located.


Currently, the rain snow line is continuing to make progress northward and Cape Cod will see a change to rain quickly this morning. Look for my updates on Twitter @growingwisdom through the storm.

The map below shows the approximate location of the rain-snow-mix line at 1PM. By then areas south of Boston will have seen most of their snow. Boston will be fluctuating back and forth between precipitation types.

1pm mixline12415.png

End Of Storm
The afternoon is peppered with lighter precipitation in the form of rain, sleet or some snow. There will be a burst of snow again later in the afternoon and evening with another 1 or 2 inches possible from that burst.

Winds are going to increase later this afternoon, but unless you live on Cape Cod or Cape Ann (out portions) the wind isn’t going to be a factor in this storm. The maps below give you an idea how strong the winds will become later this afternoon.

Coastal Concerns
I am not worried about coastal flooding, but there could be some minor splash over of sea water during the times of high tide around 2 PM this afternoon and midnight tonight. The rapid movement of the storm and wind direction is going to limit any coastal flooding to minor.

Monday Night-Tuesday Potential
There is another storm potential Monday night and Tuesday morning as a storm moves from Canada to the coastline and then strengthens. This time, rain won’t be an issue and if this storm impacts the area even Cape Cod is going to see snow, and it could be big.

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