More Snow Friday, But Not A Big Storm

There is more snow in the forecast, but it’s not going to be another major storm. This evening we find a low pressure system to the west of New England. Lows are just another word for storm. This low is rather weak and as it moves east, it will bring a period snow during the early morning hours of Friday. This snow will generally amount to up to 2 inches and several spots will see less.


The snow will be wetter and sticker than the last storm with temperatures rising during the morning. There might even be some rain tomorrow along the coast or a mix. The precipitation will lighten in the afternoon as the low moves east and out into the Gulf of Maine.


Snow Part Two
That would often be the end of a storm, but in this case the system is going to strengthen further and develop a new area of snow on its western edge. In other words, as the storm passes, the snow area will expand and return down the coast into Boston and points west.

I’ll have an important update on the forecast Friday morning here and on Twitter @growingwisdom

These types of situations are very tricky. The southern and western edges of a snow shield from a developing storm are notoriously fickle. The snow map I put together takes into account the first bit of snow Friday morning and the second wave Friday night into Saturday morning.


It Will Seem Lighter
I think the perception of the amount of snow may very well be less than my map is showing. This is because some of the snow will melt, compact and falls over a long period of time. So, even if Boston recorded 4 inches of snow during this event, (unlikely) there likely won’t be 4 new inches on top of what you see.

The map below give the probability of 4 inches of snow or more during this entire event. Boston itself could end up with just a couple of inches because of the track of the storm being so close.


That said, travel will be tricky tomorrow morning, but the lull before the storm redevelops should take place during the evening commute making for a less hectic ride. It will greatly depend on the exact intensification of the storm tomorrow. If it got a bit stronger earlier I’ll let you know.

The snow will be heaviest and steadiest from the northeast corner of Massachusetts to the Seacoast region of New Hampshire and up through Maine. As I mentioned the southern and western extent of the snow in Massachusetts is a bit hard to predict, but areas west of Route 495 will see less snow during that second period Friday night. The bulk of the snow from round two will fall from about 10PM Friday through 4AM Saturday.

The next map shows where the snow is likely to fall Friday night and early Saturday. There won’t be a lot of snow for sure, but it will become lighter and fluffier as colder air works in. The black lines are isobars and the close spacing is an indication of a lot of wind Saturday morning. It may be almost as windy in Boston as it was during the blizzard!


Wind and Cold
It continues very windy and will be very cold Saturday with wind chills below zero all day and highs only in the teens.


The cold air lasts through the weekend. It will be dry and sunny Sunday with no weather issues if you are headed to a super bowl party.


Monday Storm
Presently, it appears the bulk of any storm Monday or Monday night will slide south of New England. I am not ready to completely discount this system, but I don’t have the same level of concern or confidence I had with the last system.

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