Another Period Of Snow Overnight Especially At The Coast

Evening Update
The light snow of today didn’t amount to very much. Tonight, as a storm develops into an ocean monster, it will push snow back into coastal Massachusetts and bring a light accumulation to some areas by morning. The most likely spots for a coating to an inch are Cape Ann and Cape Cod, especially the outer tips.

The bigger story is the cold which will envelope the area overnight. Any water will freeze quickly this evening and I expect many towns to have to send out the sanders. If an area does exceed 2 inches of snow, they could see the plows go by around dawn.


Afternoon Blog

Good news folks. You won’t have to worry about where to put the snow today. While there is more snow in the forecast, it’s not going to be another major storm. This morning we find a low pressure system, aka storm, to the northwest of New England. This low is rather weak and as it moves east, it will bring periods of snow showers today. This snow won’t amount to very much, maybe an inch or two. This is either good news or bad, depending on how you feel about snow.


Any snow will be wetter and sticker than the last storm as temperatures rise during the morning. There might even be some a mix or just plain rain along the coast for a while. The precipitation will be spotty until the low moves east and out into the Gulf of Maine.


Snow Part Two
Often, this would be the end of a storm, but in this case the system is going to strengthen further and develop a new area of snow on its western edge. In other words, as the storm passes, the snow area could expand and return down the coast into Boston and points west.

I’ll have updates on the forecast today here and on Twitter @growingwisdom

These types of situations are very tricky. The southern and western edges of a snow shield from a developing storm are notoriously fickle. The snow map I put together takes into account the first bit of snow today and the second wave late tonight into early tomorrow morning. The greatest likelihood of steady snow is across eastern Essex County and the outer 2/3rd of Cape Cod.


It Will Seem Lighter
Because the snow is falling over such a long period it’s going to seem like even less snow.


The map below give the probability of 4 inches of snow or more during this entire event. Notice how rapidly the chances decrease as you move southwest from Essex county. Greater Boston there’s a 70% chance we won’t see 4 inches or more of snow, thus why I have lowered my accumulations from earlier thinking.


Weather won’t impact travel very much today because of the light nature of any snow. This is a good thing. If you’ve been driving around the area the past two days it’s been anything but fun. Narrow roads, huge snowbanks and inconsiderate drivers don’t make for a smooth commute.


The snow will be heaviest and steadiest from the northeast corner of Massachusetts to the Seacoast region of New Hampshire and up through Maine. As I mentioned the southern and western extent of the snow in Massachusetts is a bit hard to predict, but it appears the storm will just nick this area. You’ll have to go into Maine to find a more serious snow event.

The map below shows where the snow is likely early Saturday. This is a predictive radar map and shows the steadiest snow over Cape Cod. If you are seeing flurries tomorrow morning they will end early and I expect sunshine to return by afternoon.


Wind and Cold
It continues very windy and will be very cold Saturday with wind chills below zero all day and highs only in the teens.


The cold air lasts through the weekend, but in modified form. It will be dry and sunny Sunday with no weather issues if you are headed to a super bowl party. Highs will be in the 20s and its a good day to ski.

Monday Storm
Presently, it appears the bulk of any storm Monday or Monday night will slide south of New England. This is a very close call. If the models later today and over the weekend continue this pattern we are looking at another significant snowstorm in our future.


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