Some Accumulating Snow Overnight, Brief Break In Cold For Wednesday

Late Evening Update
With only 1-3 inches of snow predicted for eastern areas, it’s not going to be a huge disappointment if we don’t even get that much snow overnight. As I close up the computer for the evening, two of the models I review keep all the snow east and south of Boston. This would mean when we get up tomorrow there won’t be any new snow from Boston north and west, but still a light accumulation over Cape Cod and parts of southeastern Massachusetts. That’s if that model were to be correct.

Since there is already some snow trying to form over metrowest, it’s unlikely we won’t see any snow, but I wouldn’t be worried about waking up to a lot of snow. See you in the morning.

hrrr model.gif

Morning Blog

The record low temperatures for this morning in Boston was 7 below zero set back in 1894. While many areas did go sub-zero, Logan Airport remained just above. This morning was as cold in Boston as it was back in 1914 and colder than the same day in 1934. I could come up with all sorts of ways to look at the cold, but you’d be correct in saying this is one of the coldest February 24ths in over a century.

This afternoon will remain well below average. Highs won’t reach 20F in most spots and if it does, it’s only for a short period of time. Although there is some wind around, it will be on the lighter side.

Next Snow Maker
You’ve been hearing about a possible storm for tonight and tomorrow for over a week. At first it appeared we might see a big snowstorm, then it looked like just a few flurries or nothing, currently it appears we’ll get clipped enough to accumulate a light snowfall, but a big storm isn’t going to happen.

It’s interesting to me how well the models did with predicting this situation so far in advance. While the track of the storm is almost never a sure bet 10 days in the future, the models did have a storm along the coast over a week ago.


The set-up for the upcoming snow is basically some energy from the north meets a storm along the coast and briefly initiates a period of accumulating snow to the area. This will almost assuredly bring Logan Airports snow total (Boston’s record) to over 100 inches for the 2014-2015 season.

The map below from the National Weather Service in Gray, Maine gives a nice summary of the forecast.



The snow will begin before midnight and end by 8AM. I expect a coating to 4 inches for the eastern 2/3rds of the area with the plowable snow most likely inside of Route 495 and perhaps only inside of Route 128. We are going to be right on the edge of this system.


If the afternoon models bring it slightly further east the amounts predicted will drop. If the storm moves 40 miles west, then Springfield could see an inch and some parts of the coastline could end up with 6 inches. The National Weather Service has issues a Winter Weather Advisory for the snow for those of you living in the purple shading.

winter weather advisory.png

I’ll update the blog later today and give new information on Twitter @growingwisdom this afternoon.

This is a fast moving system and will actually carry some milder air along with it. This means temperatures Wednesday will be in the upper 20s to lower 30s.


More cold and dry air returns for Thursday and Friday. In a more typical year, I’d be forecasting at least some daily highs in the 40s by now, but I still don’t see any extended period of average temperatures. As a matter of fact, while they might not be quite as cold as today, there are several more cold outbreaks on the horizon into the first half of March.

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