Meteorological Winter, More Snow In The Forecast-Twice

March has finally arrived. I hate rushing away any month, but the cold and snow are just affecting everyone so much, I am going to make an exception. The first half of March isn’t usually very spring like, but the second half is often much better and noticeably different.

Patterns tend not to break down overnight, but I am starting to see some signs once we get beyond this week, we should start seeing an increase in the number of days closer to average.

March brings snow in most years and Boston receives 5-9 inches of snow in a typical year. This year will likely bring average to above average snow amounts. The month will also end up colder than average with the greatest deviation from average in the first half of the month.

More Snow
Tonight another snow event is on the way, it’s not a big storm, but it will create some travel issues, add weight to the roof and keep the winter misery index on the high side if you are not enjoying the cold and snow.

The snow will move into the area after 3PM and be heaviest between 8PM and 2AM. I expect the snow to end completely before sunrise and therefore there will be an opportunity to clear the roads before the commute.

Some schools will likely have late starts, but complete cancellations won’t be necessary. However, we all know some communities do cancel school in these situations so listen closely tomorrow morning.


Generally most of you will see as little as 3 inches to as much as 6 inches, but there will be a pocket of potentially higher totals south of Boston, towards Cape Cod. North of the Massachusetts Turnpike the least amount of snow will fall.


I upped the totals for Cape Cod since yesterday because it looks like the warm air will be help off during the time most of the precipitation is falling.

Sunshine returns tomorrow by mid-morning and there will be some melting of the next snow. The melting is going to bring a lot of splashing of slush, so fill up those windshield washer reservoirs today.

Another Snow Event
Tuesday is dry, but another snow event is moving into the area for Tuesday night. This time the snow will change to mix precipitation or rain before it ends Wednesday. I don’t have all the details of this next system worked out, but I’m thinking it’s something like another 3-6 inch snowfall before a change. I’ll refine the forecast tomorrow.

Meteorological Winter Recap
The images below from the National Weather Service give a great recap of the snow and cold from December through February. The bottom line is that it was for many, the snowiest period on record. However, as you know, most of the snow came in late January through last month and while February was the coldest month since 1934, the overall winter (December-February) didn’t even rank in the top ten coldest.

meteorological winter3115f.png
meteorological winter3115.png

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