Snow Mainly South Of Boston Today; More Cold Coming, But Changes On The Horizon

There are all sorts of ways to look at weather records and weather statistics. Right now one of the records some people want to break is for the most amount of snow that has fallen in a single snow season. For Boston the current record, set back in the 1995-1996 stands at 107.6 inches. The record for snow in a single season is calculated by what is measured from July 1st of one year to June 30th of the next.

Seasonal snowfall is different than the most the most amount of snow in a “winter”. (I don’t make this stuff up folks, I only report.) Meteorological winter is defined as the period from December 1st to the last day of February. This year, both Boston and Worcester broke their winter snowfall records. Boston had 99.4 inches of snow during this period and Worcester 101.4. That’s a perfectly fine record to break and we should be proud of it or wear it as a badge of honor if you wish.


The point is I am good if we don’t break the seasonal record. We broke enough records of cold and snow this year and whether or not we get another flake or another foot this season, it’s not going to change all the missed work, the broken public transportation system, the ice dams, the car accidents, the extreme amount of heating fuel used, the budgets that were blown through weeks ago or the record weather misery index. I made up that last thing, but if there was a record for cold, snow and lack of sunshine we would have likely broken it.


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Admittedly, it would be very unusual if Boston didn’t see 2 more inches of snow between now and May. However, after the roller-coaster of wet and warmth in December to the cold and snow that followed, I’m not sure it would actually surprise me if it didn’t snow 2 more inches this spring.

Snow For The Mountains
I’d love for the ski areas to get several more big storms, many northern ski areas have good skiing, but the cold is the reason they have preserved what has fallen so far this year. They could use a good dumping of snow.


This morning we find a storm system passing to the south of New England. Boston is on the northern edge of this weather maker and could see as little as just a few flurries or perhaps up to an inch in the southern suburbs. As you move south of Plymouth a steadier accumulating snow will leave 2-4 inches with up to 5 or maybe 6 inches over Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.


Cold Again

Behind this system more arctic air returns. This morning, temperatures are at their mildest and will be falling all day. Tomorrow morning many areas will be in the single digits or lower teens and highs Friday won’t get out of the 20s.


Milder Pattern
The weekend sees the jet stream, which has been stuck in a position funneling cold air into New England for 6 weeks, undergo a change. The winds at high levels of the atmosphere will now come from the Pacific, a much milder trajectory. Highs over the weekend will rise well above freezing and eventually get well into the 40s by the middle of next week.


There is more cold air thereafter, but as we get deeper and deeper into March, even the arctic cold won’t be so cold.

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