Still No Signs Of Consistent Spring Warmth, Spotty Snow Back In Forecast

About an inch of rain fell since yesterday with a bit more still to come, before it all ends later this morning and early afternoon. It felt rather nice Thursday, the air moist and temperatures reaching the 50F mark or higher. We lost a few more inches of snow, but not enough.

I’m just as frustrated as many of you at the lack of any consistent spring warmth. I started thinking about the winter of 1740-1741 again, when 30 inches of snow was reported to still be on the ground on April 10th in Ashburnham. I suppose the 10-20 inches left isn’t so horrible when I consider it could be worse.


The next two days are going to be rather frustrating. I put today in that category for the damp chilly air remaining in place. The lack of sunshine, the scattered showers and temperatures which will basically remain much unchanged from the morning, make today’s weather high on the “yucky” factor.


A cold front is pushing through the region. As the colder air settles in after its passage, the rain is changing to snow in the Berkshires and higher elevations of southern New Hampshire. I think snow is also likely to mix in with the rain across parts of Worcester County as the rain ends.


It’s hard to get excited about spring when I have to make accumulation maps. It’s certainly not surprising we are expecting more snow. Winters like this one don’t usually end abruptly with warm air and flowers bursting forth overnight. Winters like this tend to linger into April. A few days of warmth are followed by cold and even more snow. This year is going to be like that. You should set your expectations now, if you haven’t already, spring is going to be late.

A month ago I thought, based on what I reviewed from past years, most of the snow (on the level) would be gone by April 5th. I still think that is possible in Boston and in those areas with under 10 inches of snow on the ground this morning, but if you have over a foot; it’s likely going to be mid-April before it’s gone. I still believe, baring a snowstorm just before the Boston Marathon, the course will be generally clear by then.


A second cold front moves past us later tonight and Saturday. A small storm will develop along this front, moving close enough to bring some periods of snow (and rain) Saturday. When the precipitation fall heaviest and also during the morning and evening, snow could accumulate up to 2 inches.

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You can expect periodic snow showers throughout the day Saturday, which at times will fall mixed with rain.


The best places for snow to accumulate in spring are on the existing snow, grass, (if you have any) and colder surfaces. The roads are already warming and the passive solar heating, even on cloudy days, often prevents the snow from sticking there. Nevertheless, the biggest hit from tomorrow’s weather is to our collective weariness from the winter.

Sunshine returns Sunday and Monday with a moderating trend in temperatures. There could be more snow or snow showers Tuesday night and early Wednesday. The long range outlook has more snow or rain next weekend. Of course long-range forecasts aren’t great with specifics, but the point is the pattern remains overall cold and unsettled.
Whether you want to plant your first seeds, rake the lawn, play a round of golf, see your kids practicing outside, or just not see the white anymore, this winter isn’t making any it things very easy. At least it’s Friday.


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