Out Like A Lamb, But Overall Cool Trend Continues

Typical March Snowfall

8.6 inches, that’s how much snow fell at Logan Airport this month. 10.9 inches, that’s how much snow fell in Worcester this month. Both of those numbers are about average for March. There are many, many years with much more snow during the 3rd month of the year.


Boston never saw more than 3 inches of snow fall at any one time and Worcester never reached 4 inches in one storm. In other words, we went the entire month without a major snow event, but we did receive enough snow to make this the snowiest season in many places. Worcester is just shy of their all-time snowiest season, but could still easily eclipse the record during April or dare I say, May.


Below Average Temperatures Continue
The cold is the bigger story this month and while this has been a cold March, it won’t finish in the top 10 coldest. March 1984 was colder, March 1960 was colder and there are many other March’s that were colder in the early part of the 20th century and later part of the 19th.


However, if you want to feel you suffered through a cold month, this was the coldest of the 21st century and if you are under the age of 31, it’s the coldest March in your lifetime! Since memories are short when it comes to weather few if anyone remembers the last time it was this cold, 32 years ago.


No Grass
The chilly air has kept the snow on the ground the entire month with many places still exceeding a foot of snow on the level. Sunshine and temperatures in the 40s the next couple of days will melt more snow and when we get into the 50s and even 60s on Friday more of it will disappear.

With March nearly finished, we look to April. April, like nearly every other month in New England can be fickle. At Logan Airport, it’s not out of the question April doesn’t have a freeze, I don’t expect this to be the case this April, but usually, we don’t see deep cold this month.


April Forecast
It does often snow in April, but it’s also not surprising when it doesn’t. Many of you remember the April fools snowstorm of 1997 when 1 to 2 feet of snow fell. Another big snowstorm occurred on April 6th and 7th 1982 with similar amounts. There’s been very little snow in April during the past 15 years. While we can’t use this to predict snowfall this April, the trend has been for less, not more snow the past 4 weeks and this is likely to continue.

April snowave33115.png

Temperatures in April warm nicely, with daily highs, in a typical year reaching well into the 60s by the end of the month. This April is likely to continue to be cool, especially the first half of the month. The long range maps have April 2015 ending up below average, but not as extreme as February or March. Even if we see averages 1 to 3 degrees short, it will still feel much more like spring this month.


Cool Summer?
The cool spring start doesn’t mean a cold wet summer is in store. As a matter of fact, if this pattern continued through July and August we’d have warm and dry weather with low humidity again, similar to last year. One can only hope.


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