Picture Perfect Sunday In April Will Continue For Home Opener Monday

Winter’s pattern has broken and the interest in the type and details of forecast now changes. During the winter it’s all about whether school is going to be cancelled, building skating rink, skiing and white Christmas. Now the forecast focus turns to the weekends, holidays and outdoor events.

There are 7 months of weekends ahead. 7 months to work in the yard, sit in a hammock, barbeque, walk on the beach, head to Fenway Park or just be outside. For every weekend it rains, we lose these opportunities. Of course rainy weekends do give an opportunity to do inside activities.


When I write blog entries during the warmer months, I try to focus on those elements of the forecast important for getting outside.

We are very fortunate to have a wonderful stretch of weather for much of the next 7 days. The warmest day will be tomorrow when many areas will reach near 70F. For those heading to Fenway Park or if you are just working outside, be sure to protect yourselves from the sun. This time of the year, the sun is as strong as it would be in mid-August.

Today will also be sunny with a nearly cloudless ski. The next chance of showers arrives Tuesday, especially the first part of the day.


I’ll share two charts with you this morning. The first shows how much total rainfall is forecast over the next 10 days. Just like total snowfall maps in winter, these maps are only so reliable. They do however give an idea of trend. I like to see at least some rainfall each week during the spring and summer months to avoid drought.

rain over the next 10 days.png

The second chart tells us the temperature trend for the next 16 days. The black line represents the mean of all the ensembles (multiple versions of the model). Notice the warmest readings occur early this week and then it does become cooler, but seasonal late this week and beyond.

temperature means 415.png

Please “follow me” on Twitter @growingwisdom. Although I can’t answer every question, I’ll do my best to give you an idea of the forecast for those special events we all have in the upcoming months. Have a great Sunday.


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