April Perfection Brings Lack Of Floods And Tornadoes, But High Fire Danger

There are several interesting aspects of the weather on this mid-April morning, not least of which is the stunning day we have on tap. April can be such a miserable month.
There are years where it rains for days on end, where it’s cold or we don’t see much sunshine. While the beginning of the month started chilly and even brought a touch of snow, once that spring switch was flipped, there’s been no looking back.

Expect complete sunshine today with highs in the 60s, Along the coast, it will cool back to the 50s with a sea breeze in the afternoon.


Bye,Bye Snow
The record snow depths have all but disappeared in so much of New England. The lack of flooding shows it’s less about how much snow is on the ground and more about how quickly it melts. Even more important is how much rain falls during the melting. It’s been someone dry the past 6 weeks and this allowed a very controlled loss of the snow cover.

snow depth 41515.png

There is still some deep snow in places this morning, most notably northern and eastern Maine. Check out some of the numbers. Mount Mansfield, east of Burlington, Vermont continues to be the king of snow depth. It will be interesting to see when that finally disappears.

snow april15th2015.png

Lack Of Flooding
While we didn’t see any major river flooding this spring, we are not the only part of the country to see less than typical severe weather. The number of tornadoes continues to hover around all-time record lows. The two charts below really put into perspective just how far under the recorded averages the tornado count has been the past several years.

Quiet Oceans, Quiet Land
While it’s not hurricane season yet, it’s also worth mentioning it’s been nearly 10 years since a major hurricane has reached the shores of the United States. This is the longest “drought” of a major hurricane strike since records started being kept back in 1900.


The lack of both kinds of big storms is fascinating. If there is a connection between the lack of tornadoes and hurricanes it hasn’t been proven, yet. The two charts below will show just how low the tornado numbers have been.

tornadoe comparison years.png

These facts about severe weather will hopefully help put perspective on what you see or read from some media outlets that tend to overemphasize each individual occurrence of a tornado, severe thunderstorm, flood or hurricane.

Go Red Sox
The Red Sox have an afternoon game today at Fenway. If you are going, it will be comfortably warm in the lower 60s, but feel much warmer in the sun which is as strong as the end of August!

The dry weather does have a downside. There are red flag (high fire danger) warnings for much of New England today. This is because the under-story has greened up just yet and the lack of significant rain has left lots of dry grass and leaves, very susceptible to brush fires.

warnings 201545.png

The dry and sunny continues will last through tomorrow. More clouds and showers are in the forecast Friday and Saturday. It doesn’t look like much rain will fall. The next chance of significant rain arrives Monday.


Patriot’s Day is of course the day the marathon is run. The timing of the rain isn’t known right now. It might be that the start of the race is dry, but we do see rain by the afternoon. I can guarantee this, there won’t be any heat for this year’s running.


I’ll update the forecast for the weekend through Patriot’s Day here and on Twitter @growingwisdom

Finally, if you interesting in some spring skiing, besides the mountains still open here in the east, parts of the Rockies are going to be pelted by a big spring storm. They didn’t get much snow all winter and for this might be the most snow they’ve see all season.

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