Plenty Of Dry Weather This Weekend, But Rain In The Forecast Marathon Monday

I’ll get to the weather in a minute, but first, did you see the new Star Wars trailer yet? I remember the summer of 1977 when my parents took me to the new film. That initial scene when the words scrolled across the screen horizontally in a way I had never seen before was pretty awesome. Little did I know, the next two hours would be a thrill ride unlike any other movie experience I had seen to that point in my life. Jaws, two years earlier had scared the stuffing out of me, this movie simply wowed me.

Upcoming Weather
Back here on earth our weather looks quite typical for April over the next 7 to 10 days. I don’t see any big heat; I also don’t see any big cold either. We also are just about past the time when we would see any snow. I know there is the May 1977 storm and it also snowed a bit in other May’s in the past, but those are the exceptions.

Today will continue to feature a lot of clouds and seasonable readings. Highs will only reach the upper 50s to lower 60s. While there were some morning showers, I don’t expect anything this afternoon. You could even see the sun before it sets around 7:30 this evening.

Clear skies tonight allows temperatures to cool into the mid-40s. This also means tomorrow morning starts sunny. It should be a great morning for a run, a soccer game or just work on the yard. During the afternoon a bit of energy in the atmosphere will help an area of showers form and move across mainly central and northern New England. Some of these showers and even a thunderstorm may cross parts of southern New England. This is a bit like summertime forecast in that not everyone gets wet, but we all have a risk for showers.


Sunday is the better and cooler of the two weekend days. Although Saturday will see highs approach 70F, Sunday is still very nice with high around 60F.

Rainy Marathon?
Patriots Day, Marathon Monday, brings a renewed chance of rainfall. A storm system will move out of the Ohio Valley and into the northeast. This storm will evolve into a coastal storm with wind and rain. I am expecting 1 to 2 inches of rain by Tuesday morning.

bar graph monday race 413.jpg

Of course, the timing of this rain is critical to those running and watching the marathon Monday. I don’t expect the rain to begin before 1PM and most likely will start several hours after this. The rain will become heavier and steadier overnight and even windswept at times.

It’s going to be chilly Monday. If you are watching the race, bring a hat and maybe even some gloves. 50F doesn’t sound very chilly, but without sun and a breeze off the water, it will feel cool. If you are running the race expect a head wind and it will get stronger the later in the morning and afternoon you are running.

It’s not going to be the kind of day where the wind is a major factor, but you will notice it.
The rain tapers off Tuesday, but I think much of next week with be typical April.

wind gusts monday 419.jpg

There is going to be the risk of rain and it won’t be very warm. I suspect the lawns will be a lot greener and the trees a bit more full by the time we get to this point next week.


Have a great weekend. I’ll be updating on Twitter @growingwisdom please follow me there.

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